Tonya felt a delightfully terrifying sensation of darkly masochistic anticipation as she helplessly watched an older, distinguished-looking gentleman enter the darkened viewing room on the other side of the glass.

With my wrists bound behind my back, my ankles locked within the floor-mounted restraints, and my neck secured within the decapitation device’s snug-fitting lunette, I knew I was fated to endure a delightfully gruesome demise. I felt my heartbeat pounding within my chest as this stranger approached the decapitation device’s raised control pedestal. That fateful moment when I’d live out my darkest erotic nightmare had finally, at long last, arrived.

The gentleman in the viewing room smiled with eager anticipation as he reached up and pressed the pedestal’s glowing red switch.

That terrifying, razor-sharp blade made an evil hiss as it spun up mere inches from the side of my helplessly vulnerable neck.

Pausing to admire the intoxicating look of overwhelming fear in Tanya’s lovely eyes, her admirer lightly rested his hand upon the decapitation device’s activation handle. Then, smiling darkly at the thought that this beautiful woman was about to die a brutally agonizing death simply for his sadistic amusement, he slowly pulled the activation handle downward.

With a faint humming sound, the deadly spinning blade slid toward me. A high-pitched scream of agony escaped my lips as the advancing, razor-sharp blade bit painfully into the side of my neck. The sharp coppery taste of blood filled my mouth as that spinning blade cut effortlessly deeper into my neck until, several excruciating seconds later, it decapitated me in a gruesome explosion of blood.

As he delightfully watched from the viewing room, her still-beating heart sprayed blood across the glass as Tanya’s headless body collapsed to the floor. Her severed head was left hanging obscenely from the decapitation device’s lunette, the look of horror in her eyes quickly fading as she lost consciousness and died.

Watching as the blood dripping from Tanya’s severed neck gradually stopped, he was already looking forward to adding her head to the others already decorating the walls of his private study...