One moment Liz was getting into the airport limo, the next she awoke to find herself hanging by her wrists, the naked skin of her back against the wall’s cold damp brick, chained against the wall of what appeared to be an authentic and diabolically well-equipped medieval dungeon torture chamber.

The truly perilous nature of her horrifying situation was just beginning to sink in when Liz heard someone unlocking the door. Liz felt a sudden cold chill of terror deep in her belly at the sight of that man, dressed in tight black leather pants and boots, his face concealed beneath a heavy black leather hood, as he entered the torture chamber. Closing and locking the door behind him, he ignored her as he paused to select a large carving knife from one of the chamber’s tables of brutal looking implements of torture.

Looking into his cold eyes as he walked toward her Liz felt the last vestiges of her dignity and self-control quickly slipping away, the blade of that knife looked unimaginably sharp. However, it came as a surprise when Liz’s tormentor paused to remove his face concealing hood. Despite her obviously terrified state of mind, he could clearly hear the unmistakable sound of shocked surprise in Liz’s voice, “Marcus?”

Casually placing the heavy leather hood he’d been wearing on one of the nearby tables of torture implements Marcus, Liz’s ex-husband smiled darkly, “Good evening Liz and welcome back to the Resort.”

Struggling to tear her eyes away from that deadly looking knife in her ex-husband’s hand Liz met Marcus’s eyes, “Marcus this is crazy, please don’t do anything foolish. And even if you kill me you must know you’ll be the primary suspect, when a married woman is murdered the detectives at Scotland Yard always suspect the husband first or in this case since I haven’t remarried, the ex-husband first.”

Marcus paused to monetarily look into his ex-wife’s eyes and laughed, “My dearest Liz, you made a brutally fatal mistake when you divorced me nineteen years ago. You really shouldn’t have fabricated all that infidelity evidence your lawyers used to give you sole custody of my family’s ancestral estate in the hills outside of Cannes. You see, the last time you actually spent the winter at my family’s French Riviera estate was the year before you filed for divorce.”

Liz stared into Marcus’s eyes in disbelief, “That’s not possible I remember being there, the beaches, the nightlife, the shopping.”

Marcus laughed, “Of course you do, but that’s the point. The reality is that you’ve spent your last eighteen winter holidays here in this dungeon torture chamber as my personal guest at the Resort. As for your memories, they’re artificial. Computer generated and implanted in your mind on the final night before your return flight back to Heathrow.”

Seeing the look of horror in Liz’s eyes Marcus paused to poured himself a glass of wine, “And Liz, don’t be too sure about Scotland Yard investigating your murder because tonight isn’t going to be the first time you die in this dungeon torture chamber and I can promise you it will not be the last.”

Terrified Liz responded, “Marcus have you lost your mind, please don’t do this, please I don’t want to die!”

Pausing to savor the taste of the wine, “Normally I’d agree with you Liz but here at the Resort you have no choice but to die screaming in agony as many times and as often as it amuses me.”

Seeing the expected look of confusion in Liz’s eyes Marcus continued, “Back in the late eighty’s the researcher’s here at the Resort developed a process they refer to as regeneration. When a guest arrives at the Resort for the first time their scanned, their body mapped at a molecular level. This allows the guest’s body to be regenerated back to its exact state at the time the scan was performed.”

“Haven’t you wondered why you’ve remained young and vibrant while all your friends have slowly grown older? Or, how is it that having just celebrated your fourthly fourth birthday your body remains as beautiful as it was at twenty five? Every time you die within the walls of this torture chamber you’re brought back to life, your lifeless remains regenerated using the scan data from nineteen years ago so that you awake young, vibrant and ready for another brutally torturous night of slow agonizing death for my amusement.”

Stepping closer Marcus grabbed Liz by the neck and roughly pushed her back against the wall, the sudden explosion of fear as she felt the cold blade of the knife pressing into her skin at the side of her waist.

Smiling at the look of terror in his ex-wife’s eyes, “I know you can’t remember but over the years I’ve actually gotten quite good at this, still, try not to move Liz I’d hate for the knife to cut to deep and spoil all the fun.”

Liz screamed in agony as Marcus sliced her open, the razor-sharp blade tracing a line of mind searing agony across her belly as Marcus cruelly disemboweled her.”

Stepping back to admire his handiwork Marcus smiled, “Just exquisite perfection my dear, the blade opened your belly, cutting just deep enough to sever your abdominal muscles without damaging any of your internal organs, and based upon the last few hundred times I’ve done this to you, you should last well into the morning before you finally expire. Then, after a few hours in the regeneration tank, you’ll awake to find yourself upon the rack.”

The true horror of what Marcus was saying barely registered as Liz helplessly watched her intestines uncoiling out of her belly as they spilled to the torture chamber’s floor.

Watching in sadistic satisfaction as his ex-wife’s entrails slowly piled up around her feet, Marcus was already anticipating all the delightfully torturous ways Liz would be dying for his amusement on the remainder of her four month winter holiday...