“Thank you for coming Steven, I wanted to give you a special wedding gift before your marriage ceremony in the morning. You see I’ve taken the liberty of reserving this North Tower torture chamber for you and your lovely bride for the next two nights.”

“Tonight, after I finish this glass of wine, I want you to fuck me deep and hard. I want you to bend me over that table behind you, pull my wrists behind my back and strap them tightly together. Then, use me anyway you want. Oh, and if you decide to use me anally, there’s lube in the draw. Then, after you’ve finished, I want to sink down onto my knees and take you in my mouth and using my tongue, lick you clean. Perhaps, my oral attentions will allow you to regain your erection one last time so that you can cum in my mouth.”

“After that, I want you to gag me and strap me tightly within this torture chamber’s iron maiden, then close and lock its door, so that I’m left to die, brutally impaled upon its spikes. We both know, from gruesome experience, that it usually takes about two and half days for me to die within the maiden. So, for the next two nights, while you’re torturing your lovely bride to death, you’ll know that I’m also here slowly dying in unrelenting agony for you.”

“Steven, I know we both agreed to end our affair. However, I also turned in my resignation after you left for your flight. I think staying on as your personal assistant would not be good for either of us. So, this time, after I’m dead, the Resort’s regeneration process will alter my DNA to entirely change my appearance. After that, I’ve decided to stay here at the Resort, this time not as a vacation club member but as a Resort companion.”

“I’ve also made special arrangements at the Resort’s concierge desk, so that if you decide to reserve this particular torture chamber during any future visits to the Resort, you’ll always arrive to find me already locked within that iron maiden, slowly and painfully bleeding to death for your amusement...”