“I’ve always loved coming to the Resort during the summer. I know it’s unbearably hot, and it rains most nights, but I find the pace more relaxed. And unlike during the crowded winter months, a girl can actually walk into one of the Vacation Clubs exclusive nightclubs without feeling like she’s going to end up with a meat hook buried in her back.”

“OK, there’s actually a nightclub on the island that’s called the ‘Meat Market’ where they have actual meat hooks hanging from tracks on the ceiling, but you should only go there if you’re interested in experiencing that nasty Dolcett meat girl fantasy. It’s a place where, if you take my meaning, a woman is more likely to end up on the menu than ordering from it. Not that I haven’t gone there to live out my share of Dolcett fantasies, but honestly, I quickly discovered that you’re more likely to end up as a burger with a side of fries then dying on a skewer while being slowly roasted over the coals.”

“Anyway, like I said, summers at the Resort are more relaxed. Tonight I met someone charming, a man who bought me drinks at the bar, and later shared a candle-lit dinner in the restaurant. Over dessert, he explained all his cruel and unspeakably horrific plans for the rest of our evening together. I felt my heartbeat quicken as an overwhelming sensation of terror gripped my heart. The horrifying urge to consent to all his darkest desires, so terrifying that I couldn’t trust my voice. I simply nodded my head in agreement.”

“Bringing me to this horrifying place, he held me close, his lips kissing the side of my throat as he raised my arms, locking the steel manacles securely around my wrists. We shared a final lingering, deeply passionate kiss before he strapped this oversized ball gag within my mouth. Pausing, he smiled darkly and said, ‘It appears the time for pleasant conversation is passed, all that remains is the sounds of your delightful screams.’ With that he reached between my breasts and casually ripped the sun dress from my body, leaving me in nothing but high heels and a black lace thong.”

“Over dinner, he promised we’d share a memorable night of both pleasure and pain, his pleasure, my pain. For me, a long night of agonizingly painful torture and mutilation, a night that will ultimately culminate with my brutal and unspeakably gruesome demise. He also assured me, that after my death, he fully intends to use my body for his perverted sexual gratification, fucking me vaginally, anally and orally while my corpse is still warm. He even promised that in the morning, after I finish regeneration, the first thing I’ll notice when I awake will be the lingering taste of his cum in my mouth.”

Turning toward me, a long sharp skewer in his hand, I can see the look of dark satisfaction in his cold eyes, as an almost delightful sensation of paralyzing fear crushing my chest. My final thought before I happily surrendered to the pain, “Seriously, if we weren’t already married, I’d marry him...”