When he invited me to the Resortís North Tower, I fully understood that Iíd end up dying, screaming in unbearable agony, simply for his darkly twisted amusement. Entering that medieval-themed torture chamber, Iíd expected to endure brutal torture before he finally allowed me to die. Iíd imagined suffering long hours of delightfully unrelenting masochistic torment. My beautiful body slowly and cruelly mutilated by whips, thumb-screws, pinchers, breast rippers, red hot irons, long sharp skewers, and razor-sharp blades until I eventually died. What I never expected was for him to select that Catís Claw.

Iíd often noticed Catís Claws among the torture instruments available within the Resortís medieval-themed torture chambers and had read about their sheer brutality. Thoughts of the unspeakable injuries the Catís Claw could inflict upon a womanís body have long haunted my darkest masochistic nightmares. From the cruelly sadistic look in his eyes, I knew I would spend the next few hours painfully discovering the truth.

Later that night, Adam smiled as he watched the recovery team loading the mutilated remains of Christineís body into a transport container for the short trip to the nearest regeneration center. Nikki, the woman at the Resortís concierge desk, knowing his brutally diabolic desires, suggested he invite Christine, a fellow vacation club member, to one of the North Towerís medieval-themed torture chambers.

As it turns out, Nikki was delightfully correct. Christine was quite the screamer. While most sadistic members of the vacation club would have quickly gagged Christine to mute her desperate screams, I was one of the few who truly enjoyed the sound of a womanís high-pitched screams of agony. Christine screamed for over six hours as I used that razor-sharp Catís Claw to strip the flesh from her bones.

Starting with the outsides of her thighs and ass, I methodically reduced the skin and muscles of Christineís sexy, nubile body into bloody strips of mutilated meat. By the time Iíd finished, her bones were obscenely showing on her legs, arms, upper back, and chest after the Catís blades finished with her breasts. Even Christineís spine was visible after I used the Cat to disembowel her. Delightfully watching Christineís blood and guts spilling onto the torture chamberís floor, I instinctively knew she didnít have long to live, so I quickly moved on to the eveningís grand finale.

Stepping close, I stabbed the Catís blades upward through Christineís diaphragm and deep into her chest, the sudden blood filling her mouth confirming the razor-sharp blades had torn through her left lung even as I forced the Catís blades steadily deeper into her chest until they pierced her heart. Pausing to angle the Catís hooked blades deeper into her heart, I roughly pulled downward, withdrawing the Catís Claw from within Christineís chest, her still-beating heart impaled obscenely upon its blades.

Christine stared in horror at her still-beating heart for several seconds before finally losing consciousness. Her delightfully dying body bleeding out as I watched...