As I secured the noose around Andie’s neck, she turned to me with an unanticipated request, “David, before you hang me, I’d like to make a few darkly erotic suggestions. If you wouldn’t mind gagging me, then tie my ankles, looping the rope under the insteps of my high heels, so I don’t lose my shoes as I struggle against the inevitable.”

Andie continued as I snugged the noose tight, “Tonight, I don’t want to be hung all at once. Instead, raise me just high enough so that the heels of my shoes lift off the floor, forcing me up onto my toes. I should be able to last a few entertaining hours like that before my legs grow too tired to support me. When that finally happens, go ahead and raise my feet completely off the floor so that you can watch me slowly strangle to death for your amusement.”

Smiling as she watched her husband David select the biggest, jaw-straining ballgag from the cabinet, “Of course, if you decide to go full Dolcett and help me along, I hope you noticed that sharpened pool cue in the cabinet. Just pull aside the thong bottom of my bodysuit and slide its tip up into my rectum, then brutally shove it deep into my guts to agonizingly finish me off.”

It turns out that Andie was able to last just over four hours before struggling to gain my attention, her exhausted, perspiration-coated body glowing in the gallows chambers overhead lights. Setting aside my glass of wine, I casually walked over. I paused to spend a few moments toying with my wife’s painfully erect-looking nipples before activating the gallows overhead hoist. I watched with amusement as that painfully tight noose lifted her upward until the desperately stretching toes of her high heels hung about a foot above the floor.

Usually, Andie lasts about thirty minutes, hanging from her neck, before the deadly noose finally claims her life. However, I instinctively knew that, with the noose already this tight around her neck, she wouldn’t last nearly as long. So, I only waited another delightfully amusing ten minutes, then retrieved the pool cue.

It turns out Andie wasn’t as close to death as I thought. Her sexy dying body convulsed in agony as I slowly forced that pool cue upward deeper into her torso until its sharp tip pierced her diaphragm and punctured her right lung. A slight trickle of blood had just started to escape around the side of the ballgag wedged within her sensuous mouth when her body gave one final convulsive shudder as she died.

Watching her lifeless body swaying from that noose, I was already planning our next diabolically torturous visit to the Resort’s gallows chamber for tomorrow, after Andie finished her regeneration. Perhaps, tomorrow night, I will not wait quite as long to use that pool cue. That way, Andie should survive long enough for me to gut her before she dies...

The Resort, the place where even your most diabolically torturous nightmares, can quickly become even more indescribably horrifying...