Hereditary Lord Nobunaga and his friends will be coming down here after they finish their dinner, Nobunaga arriving dressed in his great grandfather’s mid eighteen hundred Samurai armor and carrying his family’s blade, an authentic middle age katana. The steel in its razor-sharp blade folded over two hundred times. Tonight, for the first time in over one hundred and fifty years, he’s come to the Resort to perform a sacrificial ceremony that is as ancient as the founding of his family line.

Less than an hour later, Hoshi watched in fascination as Lord Nobunaga and his friends entered the chamber, his friends attired in tradition Japanese style while Lord Nobunaga alone wore a suit of blood-red Samurai armor, his family’s blade sheathed at his waist.

Once his friends spread out to the sides Lord Nobunaga moved to stand directly in front of me. Smiling I bowed my head respectively, the taut chains linking my wrists to the posts just tight enough to prevent the tall six-heels of my shoes from reaching the chamber’s floor, making anything more formal impossible, “Konbanwa” or “Good evening.

Returning my smile as he drew his gleaming sword, he bowed, “Sayonara” or “Good bye,” as I watched his sword rise to a high-guard position.

A moment later, his sword flashed down in a blinding arc, its razor-sharp spine opening my torso from my right shoulder to left hip. My clothing and flesh parted in horrific spray of blood as his powerful stroke brutally bisected my torso, effortlessly cutting through both flesh and bone until the blade buried itself deep within the upper surface of my pelvis. Paralyzed from the waist down when the blade cleanly severed my spine, my dying body sank to hang from my manacled wrists, the sudden increase of outward pressure on my arms causing my torso to split open, allowing most of my mutilated internal organs to obscenely slush out onto the chamber floor.

The sudden overwhelming explosion of agony was exquisite, the pain and nausea as I helplessly watched my insides spilling to the chamber’s floor only helping to heighten this horrifying experience. And, since the blade missed my still beating heart, I even managed to stay conscious for almost another 20 seconds. That's simply how long it took my heart to finish pumping the last of my blood up through my brain before spilling it onto the floor. My dying though, “I hope he returns to celebrate next year, I’d really like him to do this to me again...”