I met him late this afternoon at one of the Resort’s Vacation Club beach front restaurants. I was sitting at the bar enjoying an excellent glass of wine when he sat down next to me.

Ordering a glass of the same wine I was drinking, he turned to me and asked, “I couldn’t have imagined that I’d find such a stunningly beautiful woman sitting alone at this bar. I have a table reserved in the restaurant for seven this evening. You of course, will be joining me for dinner. Until our table is ready, perhaps we can discuss our mutual plans for after dinner, over another glass or two of this exceptionally fine vintage. By the way, I’m Marcus.”

Smiling I replied, “Seriously Marcus, you walk into this bar and ask a complete stranger to have dinner with you and then expect them to spend the rest of the evening with you?”

I felt my heart skip a beat at that sudden look of cold hardness in Marcus’s clear blue eyes, “Actually. I don’t recall asking you anything my lovely dinner companion. I merely stated fact.”

I felt a delightful rush of submissive arousal course through me as I stared helplessly into his eyes as I considered exactly what he’d said as he introduced himself. He’d never asked me a single question.

“Alright Marcus, I’ll have dinner with you, and if you buy me another glass of wine, we can discuss our ‘mutual’ plans for later this evening. Who knows, if I like what I hear, I might even tell you my name.”

Over the following half hour, Marcus described in disgusting sickening detail all the darkly twisted, perverted and degrading things he intended to do to me after we finished dinner. When he finally finished his grotesquely disgusting vision of this evening’s entertainments, I paused before responding. Signaling the bartender for yet another glass of wine, I pondered all that I’d learned since joining the Resort’s Vacation Club and the startling implications of their regeneration process.

For me, my life-changing moment came back in 1992 when I’d first heard about the Resort’s exclusive Vacation Club. I was sixty-eight. I'd survived ovarian cancer, the sudden loss of my husband ten years earlier to an undiagnosed heart condition. I was also wealthy, the president of one of D.C.’s most prestigious and successful lobbying firms, one that my husband and I started shortly after college. After my first visit to the Resort’s regeneration center, I was young again only better, physically twenty-two and hotter looking than I’d ever imagined looking and in perfect health. Hell yes, I joined the Vacation Club.

So, here we are twenty-seven years later, a handsome man promising me a delightful and unspeakably evening of debasement, what’s not to like? Oh, and he did promise that when he was finally done using me to sate all his darkly twisted sexual desires, he’s going to put me to death upon this rather unpleasant looking impalement post standing behind me. Personally, impalement has always been one of my darkest and most delightfully torturous ways to die.

Welcome to the Resort, where your darkest nightmares come to life...