I’d known Tina for just over three years before the accident when she’d become my apprentice on the Perilous Resort’s restaurant food prep team. But, it wasn’t until the first time our monthly turn came to do end of night kitchen cleanup that I discovered the extent of her darkly erotic nature.

I was scrubbing the dried blood off of one of the prep tables when I suddenly felt her arms encircling my waist and the seductive sound of her voice whispering in my ear, “This place, so much blood so much death, over 40 women died by our hand in this room today and that doesn’t even count the six that we spitted alive and sent out to roast over the fires of the pit.”

I was about to tell her to get back to work when I suddenly felt her hands sliding down, unzipping my pants, the warmth of her fingers unhesitatingly enveloping my rapidly hardening cock. Attempting to regain what little remained of my professional composure, I reached down and grasped her wrist as I stated, “As you recall the Resort’s policy concerning workplace fraternization, if I report this incident, you get processed in this very kitchen for the dinning pleasure of our guests.”

I could almost hear the laughter in her voice as she replied, “So, I guess the choice is mine than isn’t it?” I felt her finger’s toying with my erect cock as she continued, “Trust me, I can guarantee that I’m better at giving head then losing it.” And then, she proved it.

Of course, that was almost three years ago. Since then our sexual tryst has become a steady, one week a month, decent into wonton sexual debauchery. It quickly became obvious that Tina preferred to have sex before we cleaned up the kitchen’s prep area, for Tina the scent of blood, of death quickly became her ultimate sexual aphrodisiac. I can’t remember how many nights she’d knelt down, her head locked helplessly beneath the guillotine’s deadly blade or strapped helplessly in place upon one of the kitchen’s Jessica 3000 or the newer 5000 model live impalement machines, screaming in multi-orgasmic ecstasy as I fucked her senseless.

And yet, it wasn’t until the kitchen upgraded to the new Minos Industries model 2300 meat grinder that Tina truly found orgasmic bliss. The Minos Industries model 2300 grinder was a profound improvement on earlier models incorporating two sets of high speed dismembering blades above the machine’s patented high torque grinder.

And, while our restaurant patrons fixate on the live roasters or the prime cuts of grilled female flesh served in our restaurant, few of them realize that only a select few of the women butchered in our kitchen actually end up on our menu. Most of the women who die in our kitchen simply end up as ground meat, destined to become little more than a burger with fries at one of the resort’s numerous fast food restaurants.

Always on the lookout for cheap sexual thrills, it was Tina who first discovered an interesting side effect of the new model 2300 grinder. Designed to quickly and efficiently dismember a woman’s body, rendering her flesh and bones down to a consistency for optimal grinding, the rotary dismembering blades spin at an extremely high RPM causing the entire grinder to vibrate and to Tina’s twisted imagination, turning that shiny new grinder into the ultimate sex toy.

Still, in a way, I blame myself for what happened to Tina, I should never have encouraged her already considerable exhibitionistic tendencies. I came back from putting the last of the night’s leftover meat in the walk in cooler to find Tina poised suggestively on top of the grinder, that seductive fuck me grin already on her sensuous lips as she casually said, “No foreplay tonight lover, I’m already wet and need to feel you deep inside me. Take me now.”

Lifting one of her legs suggestively high into to air Tina started to shift her hips toward the edge of the grinder when it happened, one of her hands slipped on the blood coated rim of the grinder’s feed gate and Tina lost her balance and fell onto the grinder’s already spinning dismembering blades. Within seconds the sharp blades tore Tina’s pelvis apart as she slipped quickly deeper into the grinder.

I’ll always remember the look of shocked disbelief in Tina’s eyes as she disappeared into that grinder, it was over so quickly she didn’t even have time to scream before she was gone. Still, I packed up the ground meat that only moments earlier had been Tina and placed it in the cooler before finishing the kitchen clean up. I already knew what, or should I say who, we’ll be serving at this weekend’s staff barbeque...