Ashley’s eyes opened wide, the painfully sickening sensation of cold, razor-sharp steel sliding effortlessly through her guts as John, her ex-husband, brutally ran her through.

Delighting at the look of horror and agonizing torment on Ashley’s lovely face, John slowly pressed the blade of his sword deeper into her body until its basket-shaped hilt pressed firmly against Ashley’s corset-compressed belly.

“Ashley, as I promised, your death will be an obscenely slow and agonizingly torturous affair.”

As the tears welled up in Ashley’s pain-filled eyes, John darkly smiled as he started savagely twisting the sword’s blade within her guts. Ashley’s desperate, gag-stifled cries of overwhelming agony echoed off the chamber’s metal walls as she felt that sharp steel blade brutally shifting inside her.

“You should feel honored, Ashley. Literally, dozens of women went to their obscenely painful deaths upon this blade of my sword in preparation for tonight, the night you start your new life. Like the others, after your death, you will undergo the Resort’s regeneration process to heal the sword’s fatal damage and bring you back to life. However, in your case, it will also alter your mind turning you into a submissively masochistic snuff toy, one destined to become a permanent indentured companion here at the Resort. A companion, fated to die screaming in agony on a nightly basis in the Resort’s torture chambers for the rest of your unspeakably unpleasant existence. An existence that will likely last for hundreds of years thanks to the regeneration process resetting your biological age with each regen you undergo.”

“Of course, Ashley, why dwell on your obscenely unpleasant future when we still have the rest of this delightful evening of brutally agonizing torture and death to share?”

Seeing the horrified understanding on Ashley’s face as the cruel implications of her terrifying fate sank in, John resumed slowly twisting that razor-sharp blade deep within her guts...