It was a dark and sinister night, a night of storms, and somewhere in the Resort’s North Tower, it was a sword night. Tina felt her heartbeat quicken as she nervously watched Jason picking up that deadly-looking sword, its long, razor-sharp blade gleaming in the torture chamber’s flickering candlelight...

Eighteen months ago

Shortly after they started dating, Jason discovered Tina desperately longed to be dominated, especially in the bedroom. He’d been surprised by her darkly submissive masochistic tendencies that first memorable night they’d spent together in the private dungeon of his country home. A night so memorable that after the weekend, she moved in.

Three weeks ago

It was almost midnight, and down in the private dungeon of Jason’s country home, Tina dangled by her wrists, totally exhausted in the middle of the dungeon. Her back and buttocks, enflamed and stinging from the cruel attentions of Jason’s favorite flogger. Her upper chest and magnificent breasts coated with the residue of a significant amount of hot wax, with a pair of heavily weighted clamps hanging from her painfully throbbing nipples. A powerful wand vibrator, its battery’s long depleted, is lying discarded on the floor below.

Held tightly in Jason’s arms, with her stocking-clad legs wrapped tightly around his waist, she’s riding his cock. His Viagra enhanced stamina bringing Tina to her twenty-eighth screaming orgasm of the evening as he notices that his erection is finally starting to fade.

Struggling to catch her breath, with her heart pounding, “That was so incredible. I’ve never had orgasms that powerful or that close together. I thought my heart was going to explode. And with all my darkly masochistic fantasies, dying like that would have been such a terrible waste.”

Surprised by Tina’s unexpected admission, “Just how dark are these fantasies?”

Smiling faintly, “I don’t think a normal person would call these fantasies. They’re more like darkly masochistic nightmares.”

Staring at Tina’s still blindfolded eyes, “Nightmares? Seriously, exactly how dark are we talking about?”

Delighted with his sudden interest, “I’ve been having these nightmares since I was a teenager. Dreams where I’m always the damsel in distress, doomed to suffer a fate worse than death. For me, there’s no knight in shining armor, no hero rushing in to save me at the last second. I always end up suffering an agonizing, torturous death at the hands of a diabolic faceless fiend.”

Pausing for a moment, “Please, don’t get me wrong. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the delightfully torturous things we’ve done here in your dungeon. Oh, and these heavily weighted nipple clamps were a nice touch tonight. Sadly, however, compared to the intensity of my nightmares, all this would be little more than delightfully masochistic foreplay.”

“Can you give me some idea about what torments your darkest nightmares might entail?”

“Perhaps one of my oldest nightmares, and one that is still a personal favorite. Like tonight, I’m hanging by my wrists. The torturer had just spent the last hour or so warming me up with a heavy flogger. Setting aside his flogger, I helplessly watched him picking up that deadly-looking sword, its long, razor-sharp blade gleaming in the torture chamber’s flickering candlelight...”

Today, at the Resort

This morning, we’d married at the Resort’s chapel. After which, we paid a visit to membership relations, where I read and signed the extensive non-disclosure agreement and learned about the considerable perks that came with membership. After which, Jason, my husband for less than two hours, added me to his vacation club membership.

Finishing up the rest of the paperwork, Tina had her first experience with regeneration, where the process made a few minor cosmetic corrections. Specifically, they healed the hairline scars under her breast left by her breast augmentation and removed her breast implants. At the same time, the regeneration process increased the natural size of her breasts, making them slightly more prominent than they’d been even with the implants.

With the cosmetic changes completed, the regeneration technician recorded Tina’s first regeneration baseline. Something she would desperately need after her first night spent at the Resort’s North Tower.

Later this evening, at the Resort’s North Tower

He embraced me from behind, the warmth of his body pressing against the bare skin of my shoulders, the familiar sensation of his massive rock-hard erection nestled within the cleavage of my ass. The tender touch of his fingertips lightly caressing the side of my hip as he leaned in to kiss the side of my throat.

As his lips brushed Tina’s throat, the seductive scent of her perfume filled Jason’s senses as he heard a faint gasp of pleasure escape her luscious red lips. Smiling, his hand sliding up to caress the cheek of her beautiful face as he tilted her head back, raising her lips to his in a deep sensual kiss.

Finally, breaking our kiss, Jason almost reluctantly stepped back, his hand slipping down off my cheek to firmly grasp the back of my throat. He could sense that erotic mix of eager anticipation and stark terror that Tina was experiencing as he positioned the tip of the sword against the back of her slender, satin sheathed waist, and with a sudden firm thrust, ran her through with its blade.

A sharp scream of pure agony escaped my lips as I felt the sickening sensation of cold, razor-sharp steel sliding effortlessly through my guts as Jason cruelly thrust the entire length of that three-foot-long blade through my torso. I stared down in shock at the over two feet of razor-sharp, blood-smeared steel sticking obscenely out of my belly just above my navel.

Holding the blade, hilt deep in Tina’s guts, Jason smiled with evil satisfaction at her desperate cries of pain and horror. Waiting patiently for that first tear to trickle down her lovely cheek, he savagely started twisting that blade within her guts, Tina’s luscious body convulsing delightfully with each agonizing twist of that sword.

Glancing down to where Tina’s blood was gradually darkening the back of her red satin bodysuit, Jason gleefully watched as it began to run down the inside of her thighs. Pulling that sword out of her guts, he positioned its blood-coated tip just below her right shoulder blade and thrust the sword through her chest, piercing her right lung and coming out just below her right nipple.

I screamed in renewed agony. The hot coppery taste of blood filling my mouth as that sword pierced my chest. I never imagined something hurting this bad, the almost unbearably painful sensation of that blade scraping between my ribs as I started coughing up blood.

A moment later, Jason moved his hand to my shoulder, and with some difficulty, managed to pull the sword out of my chest. The instant he pulled the blade free, I started having trouble breathing. Besides the damage done to my right lung, the wound left by the sword was also letting air into my chest cavity with every breath I inhaled. I knew I only had minutes at most before I would die and desperately hoped Jason remembered the final part of my darkest nightmare. I needn’t have worried.

Setting that bloody sword back on the table, Jason ripped the back of my bodysuit open, roughly pulling it down to my knees. In seconds, I felt Jason’s hands gripping the sides of my hips, my eyes going wide as the bulging tip of his erection pressed firmly against the tightness of my anus. Even though the blood was filling my mouth with every exhale, I still managed a faint scream as he roughly pulled me back, impaling his cock within the tight, straining depths of my rectum. Ignoring my cries, he tightened his grip on my hips and thrust deeper into me, the head of his massive cock penetrating my colon. Finally, on his third thrust, he managed to sheath the entire length of his enormous cock painfully deep within my straining ass. Only then did he start fucking me, and in this case, literally to death.

Enjoying the tight fuckable depths of Tina’s ass, Jason continued using her for his sadistic pleasure. Listening to her screams gradually fade to faint cries of agony as she fought to keep breathing, the seductively erotic sound of her choking on her blood growing steadily weaker as the minutes passed. Until after a final faint gurgling sound, her head fell forward, and she was silent.

Pausing to check her pulse, Jason wasn’t surprised to discover Tina had died. Then he went back to fucking her still-warm corpse until, several thoroughly enjoyable minutes later, he finally reached orgasm, climaxing balls deep within Tina’s tight lifeless ass.

Later, as he stood there, staring at Tina’s blood-spattered corpse, hanging motionless from her wrists, Jason smiled at his good fortune. The love of a beautiful woman, a woman with both a deeply seated masochistic death wish and powerful fantasies of necrophilia.

Tonight, it had been Tina’s turn to experience her darkest erotic nightmare. However, tomorrow night, after she finishes regeneration, is Jason’s, and he plans to introduce her to one of his favorite diabolically torturous perils. Personally, once he has Tina strapped helplessly within that iron maiden, he’s looking forward to seeing the look of horror on her lovely face after he removes her blindfold. And he’s especially looking forward to her reaction when he explains that she’ll have to endure at least two and a half days of unrelenting agony trapped inside that iron maiden before she finally manages to bleed to death.

The Resort, where all your darkest nightmares will come true...