For a brief moment, I stopped and simply stared in horror as that diabolic instrument of torturous death that silently awaited me, before turning my eyes back toward the torturer, ďSting a little, wasnít that what you said? Seriously, Iíd say this goes way beyond sting a little, wouldnít you agree?Ē

The torturer simply smiled darkly, so I continued, ďWell, I guess thereís no time like the present to find out.Ē With that, I submissively brought my hands together behind my back.

The torturer wasted no time in securing the handcuffs around Susanís wrists before cranking the shaft downward, dropping the two Impalerís low enough for Susan to straddle their tips safely before guiding her into place. Securing her ankles to the spreader bar built into the Impalerís base, the torturer forced an oversized ball deep within her mouth before removing her already revealing bikini, leaving her wearing nothing but her high heels. Pausing to slide his finger through Susanís crotch as he removed the bottom half of her bikini, he smiled under his face concealing hood at how incredibly wet she already was, clearly there had been no need to lube the vaginal Impaler.

I could feel myself already starting to drool around the edges of the ball gag filling my mouth, as I watched the torturer sink down onto one knee and start turning the crank, the two horrifying Impalerís slowly rising toward my helplessly vulnerable crotch. I shivered as I felt the cold steel tip of the anal Impaler starting to press against my anus as it slid smoothly into my rectum. Within moments, with the anal Impaler already hopelessly deep inside me, I felt the tip of the second Impaler effortlessly slipping upward into the heated wetness of my vagina.

Pausing as he felt the sudden increase in resistance as the tip of the vaginal Impaler reached Susanís cervix, the torturer removed the cordless wand vibrator from his satchel and switching on, pressed firmly against Susanís cliterous.

Already pushing up and down on my toes to shamelessly grind myself against those two invading shafts, the sudden unexpected addition of that powerful vibrator sent me over the edge.

The torturer smiled as he watched Susan reach orgasm. Holding the vibrator firmly against her cliterous, the torturer watched with amusement as his victimís second orgasm rapidly approached. Patiently waiting until the exact moment Susan second orgasm climaxed, the torturer continued to hold the vibrator against her cliterous as he resumed cranking the Impalerís higher.

The pressure of the rising vaginal Impaler forced me steadily upward on my toes until I reached the limit that the ankle spreader would allow. Unable to rise further, the already uncomfortable pressure against my cervix grew more painful with each turn of that crank, even as I felt my next orgasm staring to climax.

In that timeless moment of hedonistic bliss the pleasure and the pain merged in an incredible moment of masochistic delight. If it wasnít for the gag filling my mouth, I have begged my torturer, promising him anything and everything, if heíd just keep my poised like this for as long as possible.

Sadly, that incredible moment quickly passed, the torturer continuing to crank the Impalerís higher, my masochistic mix of pleasure and pain turning to one of pure agony as the steadily advancing vaginal Impaler started destroying my cervical muscles.

The torturer noticed the sudden drop in the crankís resistance that closely followed Susanís high-pitched scream of agony, as the unrelenting tip of the vaginal Impaler completed its brutally diabolic task of destroying her cervix.

With Susanís cervix no long an issue, he cranked the two Impalerís steadily deeper until he fully sheathed both invading shafts within Susanís guts. Smiling beneath his concealing hood the torturer switched off the vibrator as he regained his feet.

I helplessly watched, as the torturer paused to return the vibrator to his satchel, then without as much as a single word simply turned and left me standing alone within the torture chamber.

As the hours pass it was growing steadily harder to breathe, the tip of the anal Impaler pressed painfully upward against the underside of my diaphragm making it impossible to take a breath without rising up onto my toes. Even than the best I could manage was a few shallow breaths before my burning calf muscles forced me to relax my legs and sink back down onto my heels.

Early next morning found me totally exhausted but still barely alive. I was so short of breath that my head hurt, and I actually felt dizzy. I guess when he returned to check on me, the torturer felt a little guilty. He stood there watching me for a moment, then walked up to me and placing his hands on my shoulders, pressed down making it impossible for me to rise back up onto my toes to breathe. I struggled against him, but I was too exhausted and less than a minute later, I lost consciousness, my body relaxing to slump down against the Impalerís as I gradually suffocated to death.

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