“I’m not sure what kind of male enhancement drug he was using, but Simon fucked me non-stop for almost four hours before he finally lost his erection. He’d managed to reach orgasm at least forty times, twenty-four of those time’s while buried balls deep in the straining depths of my ass. By the time he finished I was utterly exhausted having helplessly endured more back to back orgasms that I’d imagined a woman could survive. And as usual, the anal orgasms were the most intense with just enough pain to awaken my more masochistic desires.”

Standing behind Nina, Simon smiled at the sound of her labored breathing, labored due to the uncomfortably oversized penis gag strapped tightly within his wife’s mouth. Thanks to that new male enhancement drug he’d entertained the delightful possibility that he’d actually end up fucking her to death but glancing down at his now flaccid cock he knew that wasn’t going to happen, or at least not tonight.

Turning, he opened the cabinet and removing the sword, a replica of a medieval sword with a thirty-two inch long razor-sharp double-edged blade, turned back toward his helplessly bound wife, “Nina my love, I think it’s time for you to try something more penetrating.”

Pressing the tip of the blade carefully between the soaking wet folds of Nina's vagina Simon delighted in her faint, gag stifled, screams, as he slowly pushed the tip of the sword’s blade deeper into her sex.

“I screamed in agony as I felt the sickening sensation of cold hard steel sliding into my guts as Simon pushed that blade steadily deeper into my body. A fresh explosion of almost unbearable pain as the blade pierced my liver before sliding upward into my chest. The sudden dull ache and the coppery taste of blood in my mouth confirming that the blade pierced my right lung just moments before I felt the sword’s guard pressing firmly against my crotch.”

Standing behind Nina, with his hand firmly grasping the sword’s grip, Simon marveled at his wife’s willingness to suffer and die merely for their mutual amusement. He’d known about her masochistic desires since their second date, but since they’d joined the Resort’s Vacation Club, she’d taken her masochistic desires to a whole newly fatal level. Even now, with thirty-two inches of razor-sharp steel sheathed inside her dying body, she was trying to push back with her hips in an instinctive attempt to draw that deadly blade just a little deeper before she died.

Slowly twisting the blade back and forth to heighten Nina’s agonizing torment in the final moments before she finished bleeding to death, Simon was already wondering what new and delightfully torturous demise the Resort’s concierge desk would suggest for Nina’s masochistic amusement tomorrow night...