“Usually while here at the Resort, I try to be a good little submissively masochistic pain slut, but occasionally, I have the urge to be oh so bad, and let my darker sadistic side take charge. When I awoke this morning, I just knew that today would be one of those days. When I decide to let my sadistic dominant side out, I usually arrange for an evening with one of the Resort’s companions but sometimes, like this afternoon, I prefer to personally stalk my prey. So, after lunch, I put on my skimpiest bikini and hit a nearby beachfront bar in search of a willing victim.”

“This pretty little thing is Kelly. After a drink or two, I suggested a visit to the Resort’s North Tower. Pausing to give me a knowing smile she agreed. I wonder, if she’d known what I planned to do to her would she have agreed so quickly?”

“Cleverly designed to hold a woman with her back painfully arched while leaving her entire torso helplessly vulnerable, this restraint is just perfect for what I’m planning to do to Kelly. This afternoon, I brutally plan to eviscerate Kelly. I’m going to cut her open from the underside of her sternum all the way down to her crotch, slicing just deep enough to open her abdomen without damaging any of her internal organs. Then, I’m going to turn that large screw behind her, forcing her body to arch tighter until her entrails start the slither out of her belly and fall into the waiting bucket.”

“It should only take a few minutes before her intestines fill the bucket. Assuming Kelly’s still alive I’ll cut her stomach free from her esophagus and her colon from her rectum before removing her liver, kidneys, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, and finally her ovaries and uterus. Then, if by some miracle she’s not already dead, I intend to cut through her diaphragm and reaching up into her chest cavity, rip her heart out with my bare hands.”

“What can I say, when I’m good I’m always a pain craving masochist, but when I’m bad, as Kelly is about to discover, it’s so easy to be truly diabolic...”