Many of the Resort’s Vacation Club member exclusive nightclubs provide after-dinner floor shows, none more popular than the Resort’s famous Gallow’s Tree restaurant, known not only for its fantastic steaks but also for the ingeniously diabolic after-dinner entertainment. All through dinner, a single hangman’s noose hangs ominously above a short wooden stool at the center of the stage.

When making their dinner reservations, the more masochistic diners have the option of adding themselves to the restaurant’s nightly pool of contestants. Then, after dinner concludes, while waiters serve desserts and after-dinner drinks, they also distribute small electronic tablets to all the restaurant guests to vote on which of the contestants they’d like to see taking part in tonight’s after-dinner floor show.

Relaxing after dinner, with an excellent glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, I suddenly felt the remote-controlled vibrating egg inside me going off. Excusing myself, explaining that I needed to use the lady’s room, I left my handsome dinner companion Jason, the man who’d spent the previous evening slowly and brutally torturing me to death in the Resort’s North Tower. However, upon reaching the restaurant’s foyer, I walked past the lady’s room and presented myself at the host’s station.

Smiling at the host, “Hi, I believe you’re vibrating me?”

The host smiled and motioned to one of the staff, “Francine, please be kind enough to show Nora, tonight’s contest winner, to the dressing room and find her a costume for her appearance.”

Once we reached the dressing room, Francine handed me a pair of black open crotch tights as I removed my evening gown. Next came a strapless red latex bodysuit, which had several surprising protrusions within its tight-fitting crotch. The two, more prominent ones, obviously intended from my vagina and rectum, while the third considerably smaller one looked like a urethra plug.

Smiling at my look of confusion, Francine explained, “While expected within the Resort’s torture chambers, most of the Resort’s nightclubs and restaurants prohibit spilled bodily fluids due to health concerns. Oh, and all three of those intruders vibrate.

Pausing to roll the one-piece latex bodysuit down to its waist, I stepped into it. I gingerly pulled it up around my thighs, the largest of the three well-lubricated intruders penetrating the warm wetness of my vagina.

I had about a third of that dildo-shaped vaginal intruder inside me when I felt the tip of the anal intruder pressing against the tightness of my anus. Shaped like a classic butt plug, only bigger, the anal intruder was slightly more than half the length of the vaginal one and almost half again its diameter at its thickest point.

The widest part of the anal intruder was just about to slip past my anus when I felt the tip of the urethra plug entering me. A moment later, the gathered bodysuit was up around my waist. All three intruders were now entirely inside me and held firmly in place by the latex bodysuit’s tight-fitting crotch.

While long accustomed to being stuffed with dildoes and butt plugs, that urethra plug added an almost decadent sensation of fullness I’d never experienced before.

Pulling the latex bodysuit the rest of the way up, I adjusted its built-in push-up bra snuggly around my breasts, the tight-fitting bra lifting and squeezing my already prominent breasts seductively enhancing my cleavage.

Touching up my lipstick, I stepped into my costume’s red high heels, then locking one of the chain-linked cuffs around my right wrist, I was finally ready to make my appearance.

A hush fell over the audience as I walked out onto the stage, the click of my heels against the stage’s hardwood floor, the only sound heard in the room as I approached that ominous hangman’s noose. Reaching the waiting stool, I placed my right foot on its raised surface and paused, turning to smile toward my dinner companion Jason. I could see the dark look of eager anticipation in his eyes and secretly hope he’d been one of those who voted to see me hang. After all, I voted for myself as well.

Stepping fully up onto the stool, I slipped the noose around my neck, and positioning the hangman’s knot by my right ear, clinched the noose’s rope snugly tight around my throat. Then, bringing my hands together behind my back, I snapped the final cuff closed around my left wrist.

Wanting nothing more than to maximized my audience’s enjoyment, I slowly bent my knees until the rope above me grew taut, reducing the likelihood of it snapping my neck, and stepped off the stool, kicking it well beyond reach.

The audience thoroughly enjoyed Nora’s desperate dying struggles, gleefully watching as the noose grew tighter around her slender throat as the minutes passed. Her sexy latex sheathed body convulsing again and again as her struggles gradually grew weaker. Until at twenty-eight minutes after stepping off that stool, Nora shuddered one final time, and her body hung lifeless from the noose.

They left Nora hanging until the last members of her audience had left the restaurant, after which the host’s assistant Francine stripped off Nora’s costume before the attendants from the Resort’s regeneration center came to collect her corpse. Early tomorrow morning, Nora would awaken in the center’s recovery area to discover the restaurant’s host had left her a present, the hangman’s noose.

As for all of Nora’s dying convulsions, only the restaurant’s host and his assistant Francine knew the truth. That Nor’s repeated convulsions, including her final one, just moments before her death, were actual orgasms. Powerful repeated orgasms caused by the three vibrating intruders built into the crotch of her costume’s skin-tight red latex bodysuit, a closely guarded secret unique to the Resort’s famous Gallow’s Tree restaurant.

As for Nora, during her regeneration, the technician monitoring the process would alter her mind, erasing all knowledge of the latex bodysuit’s three intimate intruders from her memory, assuring that the Gallow’s Tree restaurant’s most important secret would remain so...