“Good evening, and welcome to tonight’s special, ‘By Request’ episode. I’m Monica and tonight a fan, from my appearance in ‘The Old Ways, the Judas Cradle’ has made a special request that I die under the razor-sharp spinning blade of this buzz saw. Normally, I wouldn’t consider fan requests but the gruesome autoerotic buzz saw, has for me one of most terrifying deadly perils available here at the Resort.”

Pausing to squirm uncomfortably I struggled to catch my breath, “The request also stipulated a pair of rather kinky and personally appealing touches, the two obscenely oversized dildos currently stuffed within the intimate depths of my vagina and rectum. Sadly, the Resort’s concierge desk said no to that pair of oversized steel dildos originally requested, something about the steel dildos violating the buzz saw’s warranty. However, thankfully they had a seriously diabolic alternative, two large vibrating silicone dildos, each several inches longer and with almost twice the girth of the requested steel ones.”

Attempting to ignore the masochistic pleasure I was deriving from the steadily growing discomfort radiating from those two massively oversized dildos buried obscenely deep inside me I continued, “In a few moments, the wrist and ankle restraints on the saw’s blade guide rail will snap open, and I’ll have 60 seconds to lie down and position my wrists and ankles in the restraints before they close.”

Pausing to glance at the saw’s massive steel blade, the sight of which only helped to heighten the delightful sensation of terror already coursing through me, “I’ve set the parameters for the saw’s random activation delay to a minimum delay of three minutes with a maximum delay of just ten minutes. Which, since those two oversized vibrating dildo’s switch on the moment the guide rail’s restraints lock, I should have enough time for at least a few orgasms before that saw rips my guts out.”

With a sharp metallic click, the upper half of the guide bar’s wrist and ankle restraints suddenly opened. Her audience watched with eager anticipation as Monica stepped up onto the base of the blade guide and swinging one high-heel clad foot over the rail, sat down astride the raised guide rail. A brief gasp of discomfort escaped Monica’s lips, the sudden pressure of the rail beneath her crotch causing those two massive dildos to sink painfully deeper.

Pausing briefly to catch my breath, I carefully raised my legs, positioning my ankles within the restraints before lying back against the saw’s guide rail. The sensation of cold steel against my bare skin sending chills racing along my spine, as I slipped my wrists into the waiting restraints.

Lifting my head, I stared down at the buzz saw’s massive, razor-sharp blade, hanging ominously poised between my high-heel clad toes. I was still staring at that terrifying blade when I felt the restraints lock closed around my wrists and ankles.

Thankfully, once the restraints locked those two powerful vibrators automatically switched on. All thoughts of purely masochistic pleasure vanished from my mind the instant that those awe-inspiring monsters inside me activated. I’d known I was already sexually aroused. Deadly agonizing perils always seem to have that effect on me, but I never expected my first orgasm to happen this quickly or to be this mind-blowing. Struggling to catch my breath, I could already feel my next orgasm starting to arrive.

Six minutes and twenty seven seconds later I was climaxing yet again when I suddenly heard the massive blade of the saw starting to spin up between my toes. I’d given up on counting the number of orgasms after the first dozen, by then they were coming so close together I couldn’t concentrate enough to keep track. Still, I knew that massive blade would take about ten seconds to come up to full operating speed before it started to move along the saw’s blade guide. Once that happened, I’d have about twenty seconds before that steadily advancing blade reached my crotch.

Almost seven orgasms later my orgasmic bliss ended in an overwhelming explosion of agony as that advancing blade reached my crotch, the powerful razor-sharp blade effortlessly cutting upward through my pelvis in a delightfully horrifying display of orgasm ending blood and gore. As I lost consciousness, my final pain clouded thought, as that deadly spinning blade ripped through the magnificent cleavage of my breasts, that even after that massive blade started to spin up, I’d still managed another seven incredible orgasms...