Tonight, Ellan has a reservation with one of the Resortís most infamous staff members, the mysterious diabolic serial killer known only as Ghost. Anonymous behind his face-concealing metal mask, over the last three decades, heís murdered hundreds of beautiful women, producing videos of their agonizingly torturous demises to sell to members of his select snuff film audience.

Having seen several of his blood and gore-soaked videos, Iím eagerly looking forward to enduring hours of delightfully gruesome horrors, gut-wrenching unbearable torture, and unspeakable mutilation before we reach this eveningís grand finale. A finale where Iíll die in an obscenely agonizing explosion of blood and gore as he ruthlessly disembowels me.

In a few minutes, heíll arrive to strap this ball gag tightly within my mouth, then going to the post mounted winch you see behind me, slowly raising my wrists higher behind my back until my toes can barely brush the floor. After that, brutally obscene things will happen, gross, horrifically torturous abuses, so that hours from now, when he finally picks up that knife, Iíll gladly welcome the agonizing sensation of that cold steel blade slipping deep into my guts.

I hope that tonight, he takes note of all the things that make me whimper, all the things that make me scream because the Resortís concierge desk was nice enough to reserve his attentions for the next two nights of my stay...