“So, you intend to ‘warm me up’ using your riding crop, then you and your friends plan to spend the next few hours fucking me senseless to sate all your perverted sexual pleasures with absolutely no interest in my enjoyment. And, after you’ve finished using me to satisfy all your sadistic sexual fantasies, you intend to take that heavy bullwhip and use it to beat me until I die.”

Pausing to smile coyly at the growing look of eager sadistic anticipation on their faces, “I do, however, have one suggestion before you begin. A delightfully brutal whipping tends to bring out the screamer in me, and when I say screamer, I mean screaming at the top of my lungs. So, unless you enjoy hearing things like that, you should consider gagging me before using that bullwhip.”

“Ever since I joined the Resort’s vacation club over thirty years ago, I’ve always met people who’ve offered to do the nicest things to me...”