The toymaker entered the Resort’s development center, where Amy was already waiting. Entering the test chamber, he was surprised to see the angry expression on Amy’s lovely face, which made him relieved that the technicians who’d secured her in the deathtrap wisely had the foresight to gag her.

Smiling as he approached the deathtrap’s activation handle, “Amy, please try not to be so mad. I know Friday’s supposed to be your day off this week, but I needed a test subject to help demonstrate my newest deathtrap for the Resort’s board of directors. However, the Resort’s CEO has graciously agreed to compensate you by giving you the entire weekend off, once you get out of regeneration. Besides, we both know how pretty you look when facing deadly peril, not to mention how much I enjoy your delightful screams while dying in unbearable agony for my amusement.”

“So, if you don’t mind being patient, I’ll give the Resort’s board of directors my sales pitch.”

Turning to the wall of one-way glass, concealing the identities of the Resort’s senior management, “Good evening, distinguished guests. As you can see, this is my newest variation on the classic saw peril. Unlike all the existing, more traditional saw perils in use here at the Resort, those with horizontal or vertical restraints that bisect the woman’s body from the crotch to their neck, this deathtrap cuts a woman in half at the waist. Also, the reduced need to cut through bone allows this saw to bisect a woman’s body in less than ten seconds. Tests have shown that with this saw, the victim survives being cut in half and remains conscious for another two to three minutes afterward.”

“So, unless there are questions, is everyone ready for a demonstration?”

Pausing, even though he knew the Resort’s board of directors preferred actual demonstrations over wordy sales pitches. Then, with no questions forthcoming, he pulled down the deathtrap’s activation handle.

With a brief high-pitched whine, the buzzsaw’s massive razor-sharp blade spun up. After a few seconds, reaching full operating speed, the high-pitched whine faded to an ominous hiss as the spinning blade moved along its guide rail toward Amy’s waist. Seconds later, Amy’s desperate agonizing screams echoed off the testing chamber’s sound-proof metal walls as that deadly spinning blade effortlessly sliced through her guts.

The Resort’s board of directors was impressed that Amy was still screaming as her mutilated entrails began spilling to the floor as the buzzsaw, reaching the end of the guide rail, switched off. They were even more impressed when Amy continued screaming for another two minutes before her screams finally tapered to faint cries as she gradually lost consciousness.

Amy’s mutilated remains weren’t in the regeneration tank five minutes before the board of directors agreed to purchase six of the new waist-bisecting buzzsaw deathtraps, with options to acquire another twelve...