By far one of the Resort’s cruelest death traps, the Piranha Tank has long been one of the Resort’s most eagerly anticipated spectacles. The victim, typically one of our exceptionally masochistic Vacation Club members, and often clad in little more than a provocatively revealing swimsuit, stands with her wrists locked securely behind her back within painfully tight-fitting steel manacles, manacles ominously linked to an overhead electric chain hoist. Behind her stands a tall menacing cylindrical glass tank swarming with ravenously hungry piranha, all eagerly awaiting their next meal. Suddenly, the audience quiets as the doors at the back of the theatre open and in walks the executioner dressed in his ominous black leather uniform. The audience can see the sudden growing look of unimaginable terror in the victim's eyes as she watches the executioner coming down the aisle toward her.

Gabriel felt a growing sense of horror as she helplessly watched the hooded execution mounting the stage, then without saying a word, he activated the overhead hoist. The chain behind her slowly began to retract upward drawing her bound wrists steadily higher until a desperate cry of agonizing torment escaped Gabriel’s ruby-red lips as her toes lifted from the floor leaving her hanging in an incredibly painful strappado. Her shoulders and back felt like they were on fire, the slightest sway of her body threatening to dislocate both Gabriel’s shoulders in an overwhelming explosion of pain as the hoist continued to lift her body high into the air.

The audience could see the look of utter horror in Gabriel’s eyes as the hoist above her slowly started to move along the chamber’s ceiling-mounted track until it stopped with her toes dangling helplessly above the open top of that terrifying piranha filled tank.

Gabriel felt her heart racing as the hoist slowly started to lower her into the tank. She could see the piranha, their razor-sharp teeth gleaming in the lights, gathering just beneath the water’s surface, all looking up at her, all eagerly anticipating their coming feast. Instinctively, Gabriel brought her knees up, desperately trying to prevent her slowly descending legs from submerging into the piranha filled water.

Then, with just mere inches between her toes and the teeth of the swarming piranha, Gabriel’s deadly descent suddenly stopped. Confused, she glanced down at the executioner standing next to the tank, the unmistakable sound of amused sadistic anticipation in his voice, “Really Gabriel, did you think your death was going to be this easy?”

Gabriel felt a chilling sensation of unimagined horror deep within her chest as she helplessly watched the executioners thumb slide up the hoist’s control until it rested against the glowing green button she’d naively assumed to be the hoist’s power switch, it wasn’t. It was the hoist’s brake release switch.

To the sadistic delight of her audience, Gabriel plunged down into the piranha filled tank, the tanks clear water suddenly turning red as the piranha’s razor-sharp teeth quickly tore into the desperately struggling flesh of their latest delightfully delectable snack. Struggling, despite the heavy weight of the chains dangling from her wrists, Gabriel managed to keep her head above water for almost twenty minutes, her screams of desperation delighting her audience until she finally succumbed to blood loss and shock, the piranha continuing to feed even as she died.

Forty-eight hours later, the woman who’d once been Gabriel awoke at one of the Resort’s regeneration centers. Of course, she was no longer Gabriel. Gabriel was dead. She was Evelyn now.

One of the problems with immortality is, after a decade or so, the people around you start to notice your continued youthful appearance. At first, they usually assume you’re having cosmetic surgery but as the years pass those explanations slowly become less and less believable until you run the risk of exposing the Resort’s best-kept secret. Fortunately, the Resort’s scientists realized in the early years of perfecting the regeneration process, not only could process completely restore a person’s youth and correct genetic defects in their DNA, but that they could rewrite a person’s DNA sequence at will. This ability to rewrite the DNA signature of anyone undergoing regeneration gave the process the ability to completely and undetectably change a person’s identity.

The regeneration technician smiled as she paused to check Evelyn’s vitals, “Glad to see you’re awake. Sorry you were in the tank this long but those nasty fish left us little to work with, just your brain, skull and a few upper vertebrae of your spine remained viable.”

Sitting up Evelyn smiled, “Typical, last time those fish left nothing viable except my brain and skull.” Seeing the look of confused horror in the technician’s eyes Evelyn smiled knowingly, “Trust me dear, for the truly masochistic submissive, there are far worse ways to die here at the Resort than becoming fish food.”