A representative from the Resortís concierge desk offered me the opportunity to be the guest star in one of the Resortís newest televised game shows, Perilously Addictive.

Televised on one of the Vacation Clubs exclusive Resort networks, the rules of the show while deceptively simple are also obscenely diabolical. Once every sixty seconds, a green thumbs up and a red thumbs down button will appear on the screen of a randomly selected member of the audience, one minute where that viewer has the chance to determine my fate.

Of course, itís not quite that simple. The first viewer only has a one-percent chance that their selection will be the winner. The second viewer selected then has a two percent chance. The third a three percent chance. The final viewer selected at the forty-nine-minute mark, having a forty-nine percent chance. The truly diabolic nature of the show is that the voting ends with first person who beats the odds, the lucky individual who gets to decide my fate.

Then as the show reaches its fiftieth minute mark, my fate is finally revealed, if the winner selected the green thumbs up, the restraints will unlock, and I will be taken to a North Tower torture chamber, there to be brutally tortured to death for the winnerís amusement.

However, if the winner selected the red thumbs down, the razor-sharp blades of this waist chopper will instantly and brutally bisect me at the waist, the audience getting to watch the upper half of my body bleeding to death.

Of course, thereís always a slight chance that none of the randomly chosen viewers will beat the odds, in that unlikely event, the selection defaults to thumbs down, and this diabolic waist chopper will still painfully cut me in half for the audienceís amusement.

I can also attest to this show being perilously addictive, tonight is the fourth straight night that Iíve been the showís guest star...