You’ve enjoyed your long weekend getaway but its Sunday evening, the start of your final night here at the Resort. In the morning you will be flying home to your loving wife and children in Chicago but not tonight. Tonight is all about you, Samantha and the fulfillment of your darkest desires.

Your submissive “companion” for the weekend, Samantha came as part of the Resort vacation package you’d purchased for your stay. Over the past three days you’ve found Samantha to be both beautiful and witty, and yet she’s also your uninhibited and utterly willing pleasure and pain slut.

Maybe it was that first night of delightful sexual debauchery, when with nothing but Samantha’s own saliva as lubrication you sodomized her. That erotic way Samantha cried out as you sheathed your cock within the tightness of her ass, and then, moments later pushed back against you as she whispered, “Deeper”.

Or, perhaps it was that first afternoon within dark depths of the Resort’s notorious dungeons. Samantha crying out as you brutally stretched her firm tanned body impossibly taut across that rack. The unmistakable look of pain in her lovely tear filled eyes as Samantha struggled to draw her next desperate breath only to say, “Another notch tighter and then fuck me senseless.” And yet, despite the pain she was enduring, or perhaps because of it, the unexpected multiple orgasms Samantha experienced as you roughly used her moments later.

But, regardless of the reasons, by Sunday you’d come to fully understand the Resort’s true range of libertine excesses, excesses available to those willing to pay. Returning to the Resort’s concierge desk you’d made a dungeon reservation for your final night here at the Resort and before rejoining Samantha by the pool, authorized the Resort to escrow an extra million EU from your account in case tonight’s amusements end with Samantha either seriously injured or dead.

This went far beyond anything you’d imagined happening when you’d first arrived at the Resort, but at lunch Samantha had unexpectedly asked to fulfill all your darkest desires, no limits, no safe words. In that moment you finally understood why the resort package you’d purchased required the selection of ten possible “companions” for your stay and the real reason why the first two “companions” on your list were unavailable.

Returning to where Samantha waited at the Resort’s poolside bar you smiled at the look of eager anticipation in her beautiful eyes and wondered just how many future Resort guests will be disappointed to discover that after tonight’s amusements Samantha would likely be unavailable, perhaps permanently unavailable.

It’s often said, that money can’t buy true happiness. Of course, at the Resort money can easily buy far more perilous amusements...