Being a thoughtful best man, Rick not only reserved the infamous “Red Room” at the Perilous Resort for John’s bachelor party but arranged for a special bachelor’s party favor for John. The people at the Resort’s concierge desk were only too happy to arrange for John’s special party favor, Lisa.

The Resort’s acquisition team abducted Lisa the night before the party and prepped her for the evening’s festivities. Restrained at the center of the room, Lisa will be able to enjoy an unimpeded view of the night’s festivities, the steady parade of exotic dancers performing on the stage in front of her as their sexy coworkers happily perform every depraved sexual service that the bachelor party guests might request. And, all through the night’s debauchery, knowing that her ex-fiancé’s John and his best man were sitting on that couch behind her drinking fine wine while being serviced by the Resort’s thoroughly uninhibited sex staff.

Now, knowing how this horrible night might end, Lisa regretted that she’d refused all of John’s perverted sexual requests. And, while she did enjoy sex, so long as they did it missionary style, there was no way she was going to take him in her mouth or even worse her ass. But, it wasn’t until he suggested tying her up that she’d ended their engagement.

Of course, even though their breakup had been ugly, she should never have posted all those hateful remarks on her Facebook page. So, reduced to little more than a party favor at her ex-fiancé’s bachelor party and according to the Resort’s staff, the evening would end with her being raped or brutally stabbed to death by the groom. And knowing John’s perverted desires, Lisa already expected to be raped, possibly anally, and then to be brutally stabbed to death.

It was only then, as she glanced back at that terrifying razor sharp knife that Lisa felt her heart beat quicken. An utterly unexpected feeling of utter submissiveness overwhelming her senses at the thought of what it would feel like to have that cruel blade slipping deep into her corset compressed guts. Lisa could feel the unquenchable heat of unbridled lust growing in the depths of her belly, the almost unbearable throbbing of her erect nipples pressing against the unyielding satin and lace of her corset. She desperately longed to feel her ex-fiancé John’s cock thrusting deep inside her. She longed to wrap her legs tightly around his waist as he brutally ravaged her one last time, and then, with his lust sated the knife. If she was going to die this night, she desperately wanted to die by his hand. To look into his eyes as he stabbed that knife deep into her guts, to let his see the pain in her eyes as he cruelly twisted that razor sharp blade in her guts. Lisa just hoped that John wouldn’t be satisfied in stabbing her just once or twice and then watching as she died, she desperately longed to feel that blade stabbing over and over into her guts until she died.

Watching from the control room the party coordinator smiled as he watched Lisa’s biometric readings stabilize, thirty minutes before the start of tonight’s bachelor party and the party’s highlight is already ready for the night’s festivities. Frankly, if he didn’t see it working on a daily basis he wouldn’t have believed it possible but you combine inhibition suppressing drugs with subliminal suggestion and you can turn the most prudish of women into a willing pain and pleasure snuff toy. Glancing at the resort’s extended reservations the party coordinator smiled coldly as he noticed the groom had already made reservations at the resort to celebrate his first anniversary. All though, it looks like his blushing bride Marsha may not survive their anniversary celebrations, her future husband has already reserved the resort’s renowned “Virgin of Nuremburg” for his new wife’s entertainment...