As soon as I heard him coming down the stairs I felt my heartbeat quicken as I realized just how ugly a night it might turn out to be. The sound of his bare feet on the concrete steps, he was already nude, the more experienced customers here at the Resort almost always work in the nude, it inevitably saves on laundry expenses, blood and gore can be so hard to wash out.

I felt my heart grow cold as he walked past me without even a glance, and I knew with utter certain tonight was going to be a bad one. Setting aside his wine glass he picked up the inflatable penis gag and forced it deep into my mouth. Then, tightly grasping a handful of my hair he roughly pulled my head back until our eyes met as he began to squeeze the gags inflation bulb. With each squeeze of the inflation bulb I could feel the rubber penis growing larger within my mouth until the tip of the rubber penis slowly pushed past my tonsils. Hearing my breathing suddenly becoming labored my sadistic torturer paused to smile darkly before giving the inflation bulb one final squeeze.

I can feel myself slowly getting light headed, the thick tip of the penis gag partially blocking my throat making every breath a struggle, as I helplessly watch my torturer inspecting the vast array of waiting torture implements. A well-equipped recreation of an early 1960s East German secret police interrogation room, the room contains everything even the cruelest of Stasi interrogators could ever have desired.

I feel a sudden cold sense of pending dread as he pauses to inspect one of the whips hanging on the wall, a heavy cat-of-nine-tails each of its woven leather tails ending in razor-sharp steel hooks. And moments later as I watch him take that cat-of-nine-tails down off the wall I know my intuition was right. It really is going to be a long and painfully unpleasant night.