Relaxing in the few brief moments before finishing the preliminary preparations for the Resort’s board of director’s annual barbeque celebration the Resort’s executive chef relaxed with a glass of wine and admired his latest culinary masterpiece or perhaps more aptly his latest culinary victim, a beautiful young woman who at the moment was hanging from the hooks of a nearby display frame with a look of sadness in her lovely eyes.

“When you crashed Minos’s board of director’s barbeque party, at his private St. Bart’s villa, last May I bet you never imagined the life that lied ahead. Even when Minos accepted your offer and did roast you alive you must have assumed you’d simply die living out one of your darkest fantasies, didn’t you? Well you did die but then I guess you never expected that Minos had the power to bring you back from the dead did you? Or, that you’d end up here at the Resort spending the rest of your life as a permanently indentured Resort Companion?”

Setting aside his wine he walked over to where Paige was helplessly hanging before continuing, “What, no witty comeback?” A darkly sinister smile appearing on his face, “Oh, that’s right Paige I guess I shouldn’t have expected an answer, especially since I cut your vocal cords before amputating your arms and legs. And why the sad face? I thought the whole amputation body modification thing was also another of your favorite fantasies even though we didn’t see the need to use anesthesia during the amputations.”

Pausing to admire the tears beginning to trickle down Paige’s face, “And Paige, don’t worry, you’ll have all the time you’ll need to savor your fantasy. As soon as I finish my wine I’ll mix the marinade and in you go, up to your chin to marinate overnight. Then in the morning, I’ll remove you from the marinade and hang you to the smoker for eight hours at a mesquite fired 200 degrees. You should last at least three or four hours before the heat or the smoke inhalation finally kills you.”

Smiling as the tears streaming down Paige’s started dripping down onto her heaving breasts, “And as promised, your nightmare is not going to end anytime soon, your head and spine will be safely back inside one of the Resort’s regeneration tanks by the time the board of director’s and their guests sit down to dine upon your perfectly smoked flesh.”

“After all Paige, Minos did mention after last year’s director’s barbeque celebration, ‘With a woman this good you don’t eat her all at once...’