Even in my darkest dreams Id never imagined that Id end up like this, a woman reduced to nothing more than a living sex toy.

Itd come as a surprise when I received notification that Id won a weeklong stay at the Perilous Resort, with a complementary full body makeover at their Spa. Id naively assumed that theyd do some cosmetic improvements, perhaps a little breast augmentation, lipo suction or a tummy tuck.

But when I arrived I discovered to my delight that they intended to give me a full rejuvenation procedure with added cosmetic improvements. Using their newly developed process employed carefully programmed injections of nanobots that would quickly and painlessly sculpt my body as I slept. Within just a few short hours their tiny microscopic machines would trim over 30 years from my appearance while enhancing my breasts. I would awake with the firm nubile body of a 22 year old.

As it turns out my stay at the Perilous Resort wasnt the result of a contest but rather a carefully planned trap arranged by the resorts concierge desk at the request of my vengeful ex-husband Phil. Delivered to his penthouse suite and placed in this glass display case I was his to use for the night, then in the morning I will be taken to the resort kitchens, there to be skewered alive, gutted and slow roasted for his dinner tomorrow night.

I know its too late but I really should have asked more questions and read all the fine print before I signed those release forms...

Artist Note: I created this for Paige and her wonderful site, Wishes of a Kinky Mind.

FYI: Paige has expanded on this perilous tale, using her own distinctively diabolical desires...