“The mind of man is forever at the service of evil. Here at the Resort, our scientists strive to perfect new and obscenely creative instruments of torturous death. Of course, for many of our guests, the old ways are still the best. Believe me. Our ancestors had imaginations that were positively diabolic.”

“Good evening, and welcome back to the Resort Network’s reality show, ‘Positively Diabolic.’ I’m Nicole, one of the Resort’s companions, and tonight, with the help of the Resort’s staff of diabolically talented torturers, I will be demonstrating one of our ancestor’s most creatively gruesome instruments of death, the Guillotine.

“Invented in the years leading up to the French Revolution, the Guillotine became infamous during the bloody period known as ‘The Terror.’ By the Terror’s end, the Guillotine claimed 16,594 lives throughout France, with 2,639 in Paris alone.”

You could sense the excitement in Nicole’s voice, “Imagine what it must have been like, helplessly watching as those before you go to their bloody deaths, the crowd cheering with each beheading until its finally your turn to face the Guillotine’s blade. The executioner’s assistants tie your wrists together behind your back as you watch others remove the previous victim’s lifeless body. Then, raising the Guillotine’s blood-spattered Bascule, they force you up against the Bascule, strapping you tightly into place. As they lower the Bascule back onto the Guillotine’s frame and push you forward, the blood of the previous victims soaks the front of your clothing, the blood still obscenely warm against your skin. Your head slides through the Guillotine’s open blood-coated Lunette, the executioner pulls your long hair through the Lunette, past the blade guides to hang down along the sides of your face. The executioner then lowers the Lunette’s upper half, locking it snuggly around the back of your neck. Staring down in horror at that blood-soaked basket, you can feel the warm dampness of the previous victim’s blood against the skin of your throat. A moment later, you hear a faint metallic click high above as that deadly blade begins to fall. You open your mouth to scream, but the descending blade is too quick, cleanly beheading you before you can utter a single sound. You feel an explosion of agonizing pain as your head falls into that bloody basket. A moment later, the executioner grabbing a handful of your hair lifts your head high as the crowd cheers, then darkness.”

The Resort, where you can experience the fruits of our ancestor’s darkest diabolic imaginations firsthand...”