“The mind of man is forever at the service of evil. Here at the Resort, our scientists strive to perfect new and obscenely creative instruments of torturous death. Of course, for many of our guests, the old ways are still the best. Believe me our ancestors had imaginations that were positively diabolic.”

Perhaps, some of the most torturously diabolic deaths harken back to the earliest days of human history, cruel instruments of diabolically torturous death barely spoken of. One that’s perked the interest of our historical researchers comes from the beginnings of the ancient Mesopotamian Empire, an unspeakably brutal death reserved for those women foolish enough to refuse the King’s advances, the Sumerian Spike.

Tonight, the Crimson Executioner has asked Scarlett, one of our Resort’s delightfully submissive companions, to help demonstrate the Sumerian Spike’s diabolic brutality. In a few moments, the Executioner will use his heavy mallet to drive the Spike’s sharp, fire-hardened, wooden shaft through Scarlett’s guts to leave her painfully impaled on the unforgiving timber shaft. The sharpened tip, fiendishly positioned directly within Scarlett’s navel passing through her guts to rupture her spinal cord, paralyzing Scarlett from the waist down, as it brutally exits through her back. While unspeakably torturous the Spike, while ultimately fatal, was considered far too slow a death to serve as entertainment for those ancient Mesopotamian rulers, so the executioners coated the Spike’s thick wooden shaft with a poison derived from several plants that grew along the shores of the Tigris River, this highly acidic poison quickly ending the victim’s suffering after just a few painfully agonizing hours.

Fortunately, while the poison’s original formula has been lost to history our researchers have managed to create a modern equivalent, one sure to diabolically enhance Scarlett’s suffering over the long coming hours...