Listening to sound of her tall heels clicking against the chamber’s floor Lara walked into the torture chamber, pausing to admire the antiquated but deadly looking buzz saw before heading over to the control pedestal.

This is my third visit to the Resort since passing their Vacation Club’s rather brutal admission test back in September of last year. Since then I’ve met the most interesting people and experienced a fantastic multitude of agonizingly torturous deaths at their sadistically talented hands. However, I’ve also discovered many delightfully autoerotic ways to satisfy my darkly masochistic desires. Tonight, I’m going to face the ‘Old-Time Time Buzz Saw Peril’ a spectacularly gruesome and painful way to die.

One of the earliest buzz saw perils introduced here at the Resort. The ‘Old-Time Time Buzz Saw Peril’ was also the first to allow autoerotic use. Equipped with a random delay, as well as a user selectable delay option, for both the interval before the guide rail mounted restraints lock closed as well as the delay before the buzz saw begins to spin up.

Tonight I’ve decided on manually select the restraint lock delay to give myself a full sixty seconds to position my wrists and ankles within the rail mounted restraints. As for the saw delay, I’ve opted to leave that in random delay mode, adding a delightfully suspenseful aspect to this evening’s brutal entertainment, that deadly buzz saw might spin up the second after the restraints snapped closed, or it might be as much as an hour before it happens, but inevitably it will happen.

Staring at that razor-sharp blade, Lara felt an icy chill of fear racing along her spine as she imagined how this horrific evening would end. Without warning that deadly buzz saw would suddenly begin to spin up, taking ten seconds to reach full speed before starting to move along the raised guide rail beneath her back. Designed to take sixty seconds to reach the far end of the rail, she imagined she’d have about twenty seconds after it started moving before that sharp spinning blade reached her crotch. She imaged that the thirty or so seconds after that promised to be unspeakably unpleasant, not to mention delightfully messy.

Never underestimate the darkly erotic attraction of the buzz saw...