“Good evening and welcome back to the Resort Networks newest reality show, ‘Positively Diabolic.’ I’m Bailey and tonight I’m going to experience an obscenely torturous but often overlooked instrument of brutal agonizing death, the innocuous wall-mounted Impaler.

“Found in many of the Resort’s North Tower dungeons, the wall-mounted Impaler is deceptively simple to use. The torturer begins by locking the victim’s wrists to the overhead spreader-bar and binding her ankles securely behind the Impaler’s supporting wooden shaft. Then, using the winch’s control, the torturer raises the spreader-bar, lifting the victim until the rope tying her ankles reaches the underside of the Impaler’s U shaped mounting bracket. With his victim hanging helplessly by her wrists and the Impaler poised between her thighs, he loosens the locking ring securing the Impaler’s support shaft to the upper side of the mounting bracket and pushes the shaft upward sheathing's it's bulging six-inch long tip inside the victim’s vagina.”

Pausing to take a sip of wine, Bailey smiled as she continued, “With the rope preventing her ankles from rising beyond the underside of the Impaler’s mounting bracket, it’s now utterly impossible for the victim to lift herself off the massive invading tip of the Impaler. All she can do is watch helplessly as the torturer returns to the winch control and presses the down button. The winch slowly starts to lower her downward onto the Impaler’s shaft, its bulging tip sinking steadily deeper into the straining depths of her vagina until it finally reaches her cervix. The sudden sharp pain instinctively causes the victim to pull herself upward with her arms to gain a few brief moments of relief, even as the torture presses the winch control’s stop button.”

Pausing as her fingertips drifted downward toward the already damp crotch of her thong bikini panties, “Often lost in the brutality that is the Resort’s dungeons, the wall-mounted Impaler adds a decidedly dark element of horror to the eroticism to the torture chamber’s blood-soaked depths. Impaled, with the blunt unyielding tip of the Impaler pressing upward against her cervix, she has little choice but to use her arms to repeatedly pull herself upward off that cruelly demanding invader, a sadistically masochistic dance of pain and pleasure that often lasts for hours into the night.”

A gasp of sexual delight escapes Bailey’s lips as her fingertips slide across the heated, soaking wet folds of her pantie sheathed sex, “As the night progresses, the victim has little choice but to erotically fuck the Impaler in a hopeless attempt to escape her painful fate, until ultimately in the end, the blunt tip of the Impaler forces her cervix to dilate to allow its obscenely agonizing passage upward into her uterus.”

A darkly masochistic look of almost eager anticipation appearing on her face as, “Of course, this is also the moment her torturer has been eagerly awaiting as he once again presses the winch controls down button, allowing the Impaler’s unforgiving tip to rupture his victim’s uterus and slip brutally upward into her guts.”

Her fingers leaving noticeable traces of moistness on her skin as her fingertips move upward past her navel, “Exhausted. Most victims hang helplessly by their wrists as the Impaler’ shaft slides deeper into their guts. Of course, all that changes once the Impaler reaches their diaphragm, the sudden pressure forcing the air out of their lungs even as the torturer's thumb once again presses the winch controls stop button.”

Bailey’s hand pressed suggestively against her diaphragm, “Even realizing the hopelessness of their situation most women instinctively struggle to prolong their darkly torturous existence, using their already exhausted arms to lift themselves upward to gain a few shallow breaths before sinking back down onto the Impaler’s unyielding tip. And while, she may manage to elude her deadly fate for several agonizing hours, once the Impaler ruptures her diaphragm and penetrates fatally deep into her chest cavity, most last only a few more hours. Eventually dying by slow asphyxiation, the blood from their internal injuries pooling within their chest cavity’s until they finally suffocate."

Finishing her glass of wine, Bailey set it down on a nearby table covered with diabolically horrifying instruments of torture and submissively raised her arms to position her wrists within open restraints of the overhead spreader-bar.

“Personally, I’m usually good for about three or four dozen orgasms before that Impaler finally ruptures my uterus, but then again, as a Vacation Club member I’ve never died before this large of an audience before. So, stay tuned to tonight’s episode of ‘Positively Diabolic,’ because tonight, as a masochist, with newly budding exhibitionist aspirations, I might even manage to set a new personal record...”