When Samantha’s fiancé promised they’d spend their honeymoon at a place that could bring her darkest intimate fantasies to life, she’d thought her brutally sadistic lover must have been joking. Now she wasn’t so sure.

Ironically, while having openly embraced her submissively masochistic nature for most of her adult life, Samantha never imagined a place like the Resort could actually exist. Only now, on her honeymoon, was she truly going to experience all the darkest aspects of her life-long fantasies. Pausing, almost as if to reassure her that they’re actually real, Samantha reached up and carefully ran her fingertips along the length of one of the sharp looking wall-mounted spikes. A sudden delightful sensation of pure terror coursed down along Samantha’s back as her fingertips slid along the spike’s ominous, cold steel shaft.

Trembling at the horrifying realization that tonight she would actually die screaming upon these very spikes simply for her husband’s sadistic amusement, Samantha fingers tightly gripped the wall-mounted steel frame, her heart pounding at the realization her agonizing death would merely be an introduction into the torturous delights she’d experience during the rest of their three-month long honeymoon.

This is the place where your darkest erotic fantasies become your living masochistic nightmares, welcome to the Resort...