I’d met Darrell at one of the Resort’s beach side bars, his cold cruel eyes sending a delightful chill of terror coursing down the length of my spine. After a few drinks and several rounds of oysters, he asked if I’d like to join him for the evening. It turns out Darrell made reservations at one of the Resort’s newest attractions, the Tower of Terror. Overlooking the island’s rocky eastern coast, the Tower of Terror has dozens of obscenely well-equipped medieval torture chambers ready to turn all your darkest nightmares into agonizing blood-soaked reality. I could feel my throbbing nipples pressing painfully against the thin material of my silky thong body suit as he described, in brutally exquisite detail, what he intended to do to me.

“First, I thought we might start with some intensely erotic foreplay over several glasses of vintage wine before I secure you upon the torture chamber’s rack. Then, I’m going to slowly start to tighten the rack. Each metallic click of the rack’s gears gradually stretching your enticingly naked body tighter until every muscle grows painfully taut under the racks mounting tension.”

I could clearly see the look of eager sadistic anticipation in his cold eyes, “I intend to keep tightening the rack until you’re screaming in agony. Then, pausing only long enough to stifle your desperate screams with an oversized ball gag, I’m going to continue tightening the rack a few more notches, ensuring that your agonizing torment completely overwhelms any lingering vestiges of darkly delightful masochistic pleasure before I brutally use you for my pleasure.”

He promised that he’d keep me on the rack, suffering in unrelenting agony until early tomorrow morning, occasionally tightening the rack a few additional notches to gradually increase my already obscenely painful torture while he repeatedly uses me to sate all his perversely twisted sexual desires.

Later, as we were finally alone within one of the Tower of Terror’s fabulously equipped medieval torture chambers, my curiosity compelled me to inquire, “So, after I’ve spent the night screaming in agony while you use me for your sexual amusement, I assume you’re not intending to merely release me in the morning?”

Handing me a glass of wine Darrell smiled darkly, “Actually, in the morning I plan to tighten the rack until your shoulders dislocate, then I’m going to cut you open from your sternum to your crotch, hopefully without significantly damaging your internal organs. After that, I’m going to push my hands deep inside your guts and brutally pull out your intestines. Hopefully, you’ll manage to survive being disemboweled long enough for me to watch the look in your eyes as I use a loop of your own intestines to slowly strangle you to death.”

Looking into Darrell’s eyes, I felt a horrifying sensation of icy cold terror tightly squeezing my rapidly pounding heart. The Resort, where people always say the nicest things...