Tonight, Monica’s come to this horrifyingly diabolical place of torture and pain, willingly allowing her mysterious companion, a man who she’d only met earlier this evening, to lock her wrists into the tight fitting manacles that secure her helplessly between these two steel posts.

The warmth of his hands lingering over the firm fullness of her breasts before sliding downward toward her slender waist as he carefully teased open the zipper of Monica’s form fitting evening gown, freeing its silky smoothness to slither sensuously down the feminine curves of her body to pool around the heels of her shoes.

Monica could feel the warm firmness of his arousal pressing eagerly against the small of her back as he roughly pulled her head back by her hair, bestowing a long and passionately demanding kiss before whispering in her ear, “First, I’m going to warm you up with this whip. After which, I’m going to use you like the shameless whore that you are. Then my pretty little unrepentant pain slut, I shall whip you again, this time until you die.”

Watching in eager anticipation, as her mysterious companion already holding that ominously painful looking bull whip shed his clothes, Monica had to admit that since joining the Resort’s exclusive Vacation Club she’d met some of the most interesting people, people utterly willing to fulfill even her darkest masochistic desires, people willing to say the sweetest things...