Melinda smiled seductively as her fiancé entered the torture chamber, “Good evening my love. I thought it was finally time to thank you for that incredible Valentine’s Day, relaxing on the beach, dinning on fantastic culinary treats culminating in a night of mind blowing, kinky bondage sex at our villa. And never in my wildest dreams, did I expect the roses, or that you’d propose to me at dinner that night.”

Pausing to give her fiancé a deep lingering kiss, she continued, “However, even as incredibly erotic as the last two days have been, we both know the real reason we both joined the Resort’s exclusive Vacation Club, which is why I’ve reserved this horrifyingly well-equipped medieval style dungeon torture chamber for our entire three-month stay here at the Resort.”

Seeing the sudden look of fond remembrance in her fiancé’s eyes Melinda’s smiled seductively, “Yes, that’s right. This is the same torture chamber where we met that first night almost three and a half years ago.”

Taking a sip of wine, Melinda continued, a sudden look of evil anticipation in her eyes, “Since this is going to be our first night spent within the Resort’s dungeon torture chambers as an engaged couple, I thought we might start with the rack. As I recall, that’s the rack where I spent our first delightfully torturous night together.”

Leaning into her fiancé’s chest, Melinda whispered in his ear, “That first agonizing night, I was so deeply impressed by your brutally sadistic torture skills. You displayed absolutely no remorse, showed no mercy, as you spent the evening slowly torturing me to death. And, over the last three and a half years, I’ve watched in awe as your diabolically sadistic skills have only improved. So, what do you say lover, care to impress me?”