Clicking the button on the remote to close the restraint around Gina’s slender throat, Raphael smiled as the ready light came on above the remote’s other control, the clipper activation trigger. He had to admit, the woman at the Resort’s concierge desk had been right when she mentioned just how easy the neck snipper’s remote was to operate. The remote also allowed him to stand far enough away from Gina to avoid her blood splashing all over his suit when those razor-sharp sniper blades decapitated her.

I felt my heartbeat quicken as I watched Raphael examining the neck clipper’s remote control. I recalled a few months ago reading in the Resort’s monthly vacation club newsletter about the clipper’s addition to the Resort’s perilous delights. Still, I never imagined it would become so popular. Raphael had to call months ahead of our stay to get this 30-minute reservation, 10 minutes for the actual beheading, and 20 more for the cleanup crew. However, I did notice some lingering bloodstains on the platform and the clipper itself, and disturbingly, the bloody residue on the clipper’s neck restraint was still warm when Raphael locked it closed around my throat.

I felt a delightful twinge of fear as I saw that familiar look of evil anticipation appearing on his face, the horror of a decapitation device this coldly industrial, this utterly impersonal.

No stranger to being beheaded, Raphael and I usually prefer the guillotine, especially the Resort’s orgasm-triggered model, which Raphael always seems to enjoy at my expense. I’ve always delighted in the feeling of utter vulnerability, locked helplessly in place with that razor-sharp blade poised high above my neck as my husband uses me for his sexual pleasure. The hedonistic mix of pleasure and pain as he fucks me deep in the ass, using just enough lubricant to ensure his enjoyment with no thought of mine. Knowing the moment he starts to climax, that razor-sharp blade will drop to painfully decapitate me.

Brushing his thumb lightly over the remote’s activation trigger, Raphael casually asked, “So Gina. Any last words before I kill you for my amusement?”

“Frowning, I replied, “Actually, I’m not sure I like this automated neck clipper. I know it’s popular, but it seems so cold and impersonal. Besides, I still prefer the guillotine. There’s more of a personal touch, especially with the orgasm-triggered model. I’ve always looked forward to that moment of horrifying inevitability as I hear the sound of that blade sliding downward along the guard rails the instant before I’m beheaded.”

A faint grin slowly replaced my frown as I added, “Of course, you know that I’m always up for trying something new. So let’s do this.”

That was the last thing Gina said as Raphael pressed the remote’s activation trigger causing the two razor-sharp blades to instantly snap together, brutally decapitating his lovely wife as he watched. Her severed head, slumping down to rest with her chin against the front of the neck restraint, as Gina’s lifeless body collapsed to the floor, her still-beating heart pumping out her blood in bright red spurts for almost a full minute before finally subsiding.

In a few minutes, the cleanup crew will come to collect Gina’s remains for regeneration, the clipper’s razor-sharp blades assuring a clean, easily repaired cut that would only take a few hours to regenerate. Smiling as he recalled the time Gina asked him to behead her with a replica of a fourteenth-century English headsman’s axe. He should have practiced first. It took him eight swings to fully decapitate her, the damage to her shoulders and upper back taking over twenty-four hours of regeneration to fully repair.

The Resort, where there are always new and delightfully deadly amusements to painfully experience on every visit...