I could see that familiar look of darkly erotic anticipation in Ashlie’s eyes as she stopped and simply stared at the newest addition to my private north tower dungeon playroom, that look of fearful surprise slowly changing to one of eager anticipation as her eyes drifted down from the seat’s sharp looking spikes to the seat’s prominent iron dildo. Reaching out she lightly ran her fingertips along the dildo’s massive shaft, a slight momentary tremble in her shoulders as her fingers brushed against the shaft’s ring of cold metal spikes, as she tried to imagine what that dildo was going to feel like as it brutally violated the straining depths of her tight little ass.

Ashlie turned to me, the flickering candle light reflecting in her eyes as her fingers continued to caress the seat’s massive iron dildo, “Intimidating Minos, utterly intimidating, so darkly erotic and yet still so fiendishly diabolical, I think you’ve taken your torturously delightful imagination to a new and far more terrifying level.”

Pausing to take another sip of wine Ashlie smiled, “And I think we’d both agree, there’s little point in using lubricant. Frankly, I doubt there’s enough lube in the entire Resort to prevent this bad boy from ripping my guts apart. Besides, we both know just how much I truly love the pain. I just hope you’ve arranged a priority reservation with the regeneration center, I’d so hate to die screaming in agony without the chance to do it all over again tomorrow night...”