“Honestly, when I started ‘Insidiously Perilous’ I never thought I’d end up servicing as an indentured companion here at the Resort but the moment that diabolically deadly ‘Waist Chopper of Death’ cut me in half spilling my guts before the disbelieving eyes of over twenty-two thousand viewers, the Resort owned me.”

“I’ll always remember dying in agony, all that pain, blood and gore then nothing but darkness. That is, until I awoke here at the Resort. Still being a Resort companion, indentured or not, does have its perks. Tonight I’m waiting to entertain a wealthy Vacation Club member, a man known among the Resort’s companions for his diabolically torturous imagination. I just hope I can convince him to use me before, or better yet, as he’s torturing me to death, rather than waiting to use me after I’m dead. Personally, I have nothing against necrophilia, but tonight’s the first night in over three weeks I’ve been out of that damn chastity belt...”