“Welcome to the Resort’s newest attraction, Inquisition Hall. In this place of pain and unspeakable torment you will experience some of the darkest days of religious persecution, the infamous Spanish Inquisition. Here, in this authentic recreation of the Inquisition torture chamber of Seville Spain, the more sadistic members of our Vacation Club are free to channel their inner Torquemada, to become Spain’s Grand Inquisitor, tasked with compelling the confessions of witches and heretics so that they pay the ultimate price for their unholy evil ways.”

“Or perhaps, for those of our more masochistically inclined members, to be accused of witchcraft or even heresy, to endure unrelenting torture until you finally confess all your darkest sins. However, always remember, that here in the Resort’s Inquisition Hall, we truly believe, as did the Spanish Inquisition, in the wisdom of Exodus 2:18, ‘Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live...’”