Standing within one of the North Tower’s torture chambers with her wrists already secured over her head by chains, Melinda opened her mouth wide as Nikki, a guest reservation specialist with the Resort’s concierge desk, pressed that oversized ball gag firmly into her mouth.

With the gag tightly secured deep within Melinda’s sensuous mouth, Nikki paused to inspect her attire, then glancing at the back of Melinda’s corset, “Tsk-tsk, well this will never do.”

I could feel Nikki undoing the tie at the top of my corset’s laces, a sudden gasp escaping around the gag in my mouth as she cruelly tightened my corset until the two-inch gap in the back finally closed before she re-tied the laces.

Stepping back to admire her work, Nikki smiled evilly, “There, perfect. You look utterly ravishing Melinda. I'm sure he’ll be most impressed when he arrives.”

Feeling a little light headed as I struggled to breathe, my fully tightened and incredibly restrictive corset reducing my breathing to little more than shallow panting at best, I watched Nikki leaving the torture chamber, closing the chambers heavy wooden door behind her.

Waiting for his arrival, I felt the delightful sensation of growing terror beginning to envelop me. I knew the horrors that I would soon endure, and yet masochistically I still found myself desperately longing for them.

Then, a few minutes later, I felt a sudden chill of overwhelming fear as I watched him enter the torture chamber.

Reaching up his fingers lightly caressed the sides of my face. Then, sliding his hands downward across the sides of my breasts his hand lingered, roughly squeezing my revealing corset enhanced bosom. Giving my breasts one final squeeze, “Hmm, I love what this corset does for your already magnificent breasts.”

Sliding further downward, his hands encircled my slender corset compressed waist. Pausing to listen to labored sounds of Melinda’s breathing, “Impressive, a few inches tighter and my hands would fully encircle your waist, perhaps, something to work on in the future.”

Then, reaching past me, he gave my shapely ass a firm slap as he reached for the hilt of that deadly razor-sharp sword, an authentic thirteenth-century Spanish rapier its slender blade, sharpened to terrifying perfection.

Pressing the sharp tip of the sword’s blade against the front of Melinda’s corset sheathed belly, he smiled darkly as he added, “Of course, we both already know that in a few brief moments, you will no longer actually have a future.”

Then, he ran me through, a sharp, gag muffled, gasp of agony, “Ugh!” escaping around the gag filling my mouth.

I could feel the cold steel blade sliding effortlessly through my guts as he pushed the deadly blade steadily deeper until the rapier’s basket-shaped guard pressed firmly against the front of my corset leaving almost three feet of blood-coated steel sticking obscenely out of my back. Struggling to breathe, I could feel the heat of my blood against my skin as it slowly began to stain the smooth white satin of my corset.

Smiling, at the delightful look of agony in Melinda’s tear filled eyes, “You really didn’t think I let you die this easily did you?” as he slowly started to twist that blade back and forth inside her guts.

The agonizing torment was almost unimaginable. I could feel the slow trickle of blood staining the front and back of my corset quickly increasing with every torturous twist of that blade until I felt the blood running down my legs.

Realizing Melinda was quickly growing weaker he gave the sword one final twist inside her mutilated guts, then pulling the sword out of her belly, he used the side of her impossibly tight corset to wipe her blood from its blade before setting it back on the table and picking up that glass of wine.

I could feel myself growing weaker by the second, my knees buckling I slumped downward to hang limply from the chains, as I watched him obscenely enjoying that glass of wine.

Taking another sip of wine, he watched as his wife slowly died, “You were right Melinda. I never imagined that killing you this brutally would feel so delightfully satisfying. Tomorrow, after you’re out of regeneration, we’ll have to explore more of your submissively masochistic fantasies.”

Moments later, Melinda’s head fell forward as she lost consciousness. Her heart stopping less than a minute after as it finally finished pumping the last of her blood from her dying body.

The Resort, where you can freely indulge in all your darkest erotic desires...