Since joining the Resort’s exclusive Vacation Club I’ve met some of the most interesting people. Just this afternoon, on my way back from the Resort’s private Vacation Club beach, I decided to stop at one of the beach side bars for a drink. I was just sitting down at the bar when the bartender came over and poured me a glass of red wine, stating that one of the men seated at the far end of the bar had ordered it for me.

Picking up the glass I sampled the wine and smiled as I recognized its distinctive taste, Cheval Blanc 1947, an interesting choice to send to a total stranger even here at the Resort, but at sixty five hundred a glass even I had to admit that it does make for a profoundly interesting statement. Pausing to take another delicious sip I smiled to myself as I noticed one of the men from the far end of the bar leaving his seat and walking toward me.

Waiting until this rather handsome young man slipped into the seat next to mine, I smiled, “A Cheval Blanc ’47, a lucky guess or did the bartender mention it’s one of my favorites?”

“Actually the bartender did happen to mention it in passing as he noticed you walking through the entrance. He also mentioned that you might be up for a party.”

Smiling seductively I replied, “Well, I do love a party, so exactly what kind of a diabolically fiendish party did you and your friends have in mind.”

I could clearly see the sudden look of darkly sadistic anticipation in his eyes, “We’ve reserved a room in the castle’s north tower for the night. If you’d like to join us we’re planning to chain you down upon a medieval rack and stretch your sexy desirable body until you scream. After that we intend to alternate between taking turns fucking you senseless and brutally torturing you, all the while steadily tightening the rack until sunrise.”

Pausing to take another sip of wine I smiled, “Sounds lovely. Although, I just have one small request, when you chain me onto that rack I want to be lying on my stomach.” Seeing his sudden look of confusion I smiled darkly, “I’m just guessing but I’m pretty sure you and your friends only recently joined the Resort’s Vacation Club, so always try to remember, when a beautiful woman freely offers you her ass just smile and plan to use her ruthlessly, both sexually and anally all night long.”

Seeing that all too familiar look of ominous anticipation slowly appearing in his eyes I smiled my most seductive smile as I casually added, “And, if you’re interested, after I spend a few hours in one of the Resort’s regen tanks, I just happen to have reserved one of the Resort’s more diabolically retro amusements for this time tomorrow evening.” Pausing to innocently take another sip of wine, “I thought we might share some appetizers and perhaps another bottle of this lovely Cheval Blanc ’47, after which you can lock the restraints around my wrists and ankles and spend a few quality hours fucking me senseless. Of course, that’s assuming that when we’re done you want to be the one who gets to switch on the buzz saw...”