I had to smile when I saw Emma’s reaction. Until I put that blood-stained plastic bucket on the floor between her legs, she’d still thought, even after I secured her to that bondage frame and forced that oversized penis gag into her mouth, that this evening would be all about a little kinky girl on girl bondage and submission play. Of course, her reaction when I pulled out this knife was truly priceless.

Standing there casually holding that razor-sharp knife I could see the fear growing in Emma’s eyes, “I know, not exactly the kind of intimacy you were expecting when I locked those restraints around your wrists and ankles. Well, what can I say, you mistakenly assumed I was like you, another masochistic submissive, looking for a change of pace, a little girl time, an evening of kinky carnal passion away from the Resort’s more torturously demanding delights?”

Pouring a single glass of wine, I noticed with amusement that as I turned back with the glass in my hand, Emma’s eyes momentarily glancing at the empty wine glass still on the table, the look of womanly betrayal briefly eclipsing the fear in her eyes. “Yes, I know. You were expecting that we’d share this decanter of excellent wine, and even though I asked for two glasses, sadly that was never my true intention.”

Pausing to take a sip of wine, I continued, “Tonight is all about the pleasure and the pain, my pleasure, your pain. And, once I’ve finished this glass of delightful wine. I'm going to cut you open. Starting at the underside of your ribcage, from below your left breast and slicing downward until the blade reaches the bottom right side of your pelvis, I’ll cut just deep enough to open your belly. Then, setting aside my knife, I’m going to refill my wine glass and enjoy watching your intestines spilling into the waiting bucket.”

Taking another sip of wine, “Personally Emma, I’ve always found that enjoying a good glass of wine as I watch one of my victims dying in agony to be the ultimate aphrodisiac. However, I have no interest in spending the night watching as you slowly expire. So, after I finish that second glass, if you somehow manage to still be alive, I intend to finish you off. Slowly pushing the blade of this knife through your left breast, I’ll slide it between your ribs and stab it deep into your heart. And, although it promises to be exceedingly painful, it should at least be relatively quick.”

Just another delightfully diabolic evening, as two beautiful women enjoy the erotically obscene pleasures of the torture chamber. Welcome to the Resort...