A popular attraction at the Resortís Annual Infernal Devices Exposition, a Victorian Steam Punk inspired collection of unspeakably torturous death. The demanding steel corset compresses its wearerís torso into a perfect hourglass silhouette of gleaming polished steel. In the spirit of Victorian inspired feminine chastity, the corsetís matching steel thong securely locks to the interior of the corset as it closes making it impossible for the wearer to gain relief from the thongís two massively oversized steel dildos. A tight-fitting steel posture collar and penis gag, further the wearerís adherence to the Victorian eraís demanding ideal of a lady's expected submissive decorum, completing the ladyís gleaming steel ensemble.

Julia gave a sigh of relief as she watched the sun slowly setting over the sea. It was just after six in the evening, and sheíd been standing in unforgiving steel ballet boots, restrained within this glass display case, since the Exposition opened at ten that morning. And oddly, just as the sun set, a sizable crowd was gathering around her prominent placed display case.

Diabolically, Julia didnít know that the gleaming steel corset painfully compressing her torso was impossible to remove. Laced impossibly tight with steel wires, the moment the two back panels of the corset met they locked together, secured with sixteen separate latches, inaccessible from the corsetís exterior to inescapably seal her within its breathtaking embrace.

Expecting release from her painfully uncomfortable restraints at sunset, the warm green tinted liquid that suddenly starting to fill her display case came as a surprise. Resembling the fluid used in the Resortís regeneration tanks, it wasnít until it rose over the tops of her knee-high stainless steel ballet boots, that Julie discovered the horrifying truth.

That incredible burning sensation spreading quickly up over her thighs as the fluid level within the tank continued to rise as the highly corrosive acid began to dissolve her flesh, the swirling fluid around her turning crimson with her blood as the flesh consuming liquid rose to engulf her breathtakingly slender corset sheathed torso.

Outside the display case, Julieís audience applauded as the flesh consuming acid rose to envelop the pierced nipples of her full firm breasts before stopping. That delightful look of pure terror in Julieís eyes as she felt her nipples starting to burn even as the acid relentlessly continued to consume her flesh. That sudden look of unmitigated horror in her eyes as Julie felt her legs giving way as the acid finished consuming the tendons and cartilage of her knees allowing her ballet boot clad calves and feet to topple to the display caseís floor, the unexpected loss of support stretching her arms just enough to fully immerse her impressive bosom in the acid as she finally lost consciousness.

Julieís agonizing torment at an end, most of her attentive audience wandered off to view the expositionís other displays. Only a few, the diehard sadists, remained to watch as Julieís right femur, the acid finally dissolving the ligaments that attached it to her pelvis, sank toward the bottom of the display case. Over the next hour the gruesome display continued until it reached its inevitable conclusion as the acid slowly dissolved every last bit of flesh within its reach until all that remained of Julie was her head, shoulders and arms.

After the exposition closed, the Resortís technicians drained the acid from Julieís tank and wearing protective gear carefully retrieved her bones and her steel corset, thong and ballet boots from the bottom of the display case before unlocking the wrist restraints to remove her undissolved remains for further processing.

Hours later, one of the Resortís regeneration technicians pulled Juliaís remains container out of the refrigerator and picking up an electric bone saw cleanly severed her neck just below the bottom of her tight-fitting steel posture collar. Pausing to discard her arms and the remains of her upper chest into the bio waste bin, he placed Julieís head in a vice before carefully positioning the sharpened tip of the chisel above the center of the steel front panel of her penis gag, hammered it through her teeth and deep into her mouth. Her teeth destroyed, he used the hammer and chisel to shatter both hinges of her jaw before pulling downward, freeing the locked steel penis gag out of her mouth by separating her lower jaw from her skull.

Discarding her shattered lower jaw in the bio waste bin the technician dropped Julieís mutilated head into the refrigerated regeneration pending tray. Impossibly, in just a few hours, Julieís head would once again be part of a highly desirable Resort companion, destined to wear that obscenely tight steel corset and doomed to die within a display case filled with corrosive acid. And, to add to that excitingly perilous air of authenticity of the moment, Julieís memories of tonightís agonizingly gruesome demise suppressed to ready her for anotherís evenings torturous display.

The Resortís, incredibly popular, Annual Infernal Devices Exposition opened on August first and runs through the end of October, culminating with a diabolically delightful twist on Halloween night festivities. And, be sure to take in Julieís and all our other lovely ladyís displays, as, they nightly endure the cruelly torturous fates demanded by the Expositionís Infernal Devices.

After all, this is the Resort, the place where nightmares, not dreams, come to life. Welcome to the Resort...