“Girls in Mortal Peril,” I know it’s a quaint and somewhat overused phrase but one with darkly fatalistic meaning, especially here in the Resort.

This evening, Alexis will be joining a fellow Vacation Club member, one with far more sadistic tastes, in the newest variation of the Resort’s “Girls in Mortal Peril” adventure package known as “Fate Unknown.”

Earlier this evening, we brought Alexis, already gagged and blindfolded, to this subterranean execution chamber beneath the Resort’s famous North Tower and secured her within this deathtrap’s restraints. While Alexis understands that she’ll die and eagerly looks forward to it, she knows none of the details concerning the obscenely torturous death we’ve diabolically planned. For Alexis, the only warning she’ll have will be the sound of that massive drill spinning up, and by the time she realizes the true nature of her agonizingly painful demise, that deadly spinning drill will be deep within her guts.

Oh, and to enhance the erotic nature of this evening’s entertainment, under Alexis’s figure-hugging black latex catsuit and corset are two powerful and massively oversized vibrators uncomfortably filling her both sexually and anally, vibrators which the person coming to butcher her has the remote to. He’s promised to switch on the vibrators at their highest power settings and not to switch on the drill until Alexis has endured several powerful orgasms.

The Resort, where all your darkest fantasies will be fulfilled...