“Girls in Mortal Peril,” I know it’s a quaint and somewhat overused phrase but one with darkly fatalistic meaning, especially here in the Resort’s North Tower.

This fetching young thing is Jamie, but don’t let her looks deceive you. Thanks to the Resort’s regeneration process Jamie is physically in her mid-twenties. However, when she joined the Resort’s Vacation Club back in 1989, Jamie was already in her late fifties. I'll let you do the math.

Tonight, Jamie will be entertaining a fellow Vacation Club member, one with far more sadistic tastes. For several hours now, she’s been standing strapped helplessly against this post, awaiting their arrival. Her wrists secured against the back of the post by a tightly buckled strap, her ballet boot clad ankles also secured at the base of the post by another strap, blindfolded and ball gagged, with the rope of the post’s deadly garrote already uncomfortably snug around her throat.

Tonight, Jamie is fated to endure long torturous hours of darkly erotic asphyxiation at the cruel hands of a diabolic fiend trained in the brutal use of the garrote. She’s been eagerly looking forward to this night for months, horrific hours kept at the point of near suffocation. The garrote never loosened enough to make breathing easy and often tightened until breathing is impossible, but never long enough that she loses consciousness. Really, where would the fun be in that? Well, that is until sunrise, when she expects to die.

Oh, and speaking of fun, or the erotic part of erotic asphyxiation, under her figure hugging red latex catsuit and body harness, are two powerful and massively oversized vibrators uncomfortably filling her both sexually and anally, vibrators which the person coming to torture her to death also has the remote to.

The Resort, where all your darkest fantasies will be fulfilled...