Turning to face David as she watched him bolting the torture chamberís door, Janice smiled, ďNikki, the woman at the Resortís concierge desk, told me this was your first time visiting the Resort since becoming a vacation club member. I know you went through the clubís new member orientation. It may be hard to believe, but as a submissive masochist, I have somewhat flexible desires when interacting with the clubís more sadistic members, especially within the Resortís torture chambers. I find thereís a certain undeniable charm in surrendering total control to a complete stranger, especially one who intends to do horrific things to you.Ē

ďYou asked me to accompany you to the Resortís North Tower, and I willingly agreed. However, the moment I crossed the threshold of this torture chamber, my right to self-determination ceased. Here, Iím yours to use in any way you desire. If you decide to use my body to fulfill all your darkest perverted sexual desires, just make sure itís rough sex, the more savagely brutal, the better. And, when you decide to torture me to death, and I trust you will, I expect to suffer in obscene unrelenting agony until I die. You should also know that if you choose to use my body sexually after Iím dead, Iíve always secretly harbored fantasies of necrophilia, so go for it...Ē