“Welcome to the Resort. Since this is your first evening as a member of our exclusive Vacation Club, the Resort’s concierge service has arranged this welcoming experience based on your responses to our new member questionnaire. I’m Arianna, one of the Resort’s submissive and utterly masochistic companions. Tonight I’m yours to do with as you wish, and as with all Resort companions, there’s absolutely no need for safe words or limits.”

Smiling at the sudden look of sadistic understanding in his eyes, “As you can see, my wrists are already secured behind my back with the hangman’s deadly noose around my neck and should you decide to amuse yourself as I slowly strangle to death for your pleasure, a thoughtful selection of truly diabolic implements of torture await your use.”

Smiling suggestively, Arianna added, “After all, I think you’ll find that I’m more than ready to die, screaming in agony, merely for your evening’s amusement...”