All the best authors know that while extensive research is important, the best stories come from one’s own experiences. As a successful author with over two dozen bestselling titles in BDSM erotica Nora wanted to take her love of bondage and masochism and expand her writing into the popular spatter-gore erotic horror genre but with little initial success. It seems that while Nora’s personal experiences in the areas of bondage and masochism added intensity to her work in BDSM erotica she quickly discovered that when writing from the victim’s perspective her accounts of the gruesome horror of their thoughts and emotions were lacking. Simply, how does one write erotic horror from personal experience without actually having been tortured to death?

Out of desperation Nora started posting questions and several damsels in distress story ideas to a few of her favorite fetish lifestyle websites, a few weeks later she received an job offer she knew she couldn’t refuse, the opportunity to live out all her darkest damsel in distress fantasies as a Resort companion, while earning almost ten times what she was making as an author. Best of all, so long as she didn’t mention the Resort they didn’t even mind if she wrote about her experiences.

Well, here we are just five brutally torturous years later, I’ve just renewed my first five year companion contract with the Resort. And best of all I’ve published over 30 highly successfully erotic horror titles since coming to work at the Resort and today have a substantial and growing almost cult like following. Ironically, just six months ago I actually made more selling the movie rights to one of my books than I’ve made in the past five years as a Resort companion, and best of all the Resort’s lawyers are helping me hide most of the movie royalties from the IRS.

Anyway, tonight is actually my night off so I’m here doing some much needed research for my latest erotic horror novel. Earlier today I asked at the Resort’s concierge desk if they knew anyone on the staff experienced in the disembowelment of women.

This is Carl, not sure if that’s his real name or just an alias, but the woman at the concierge desk assured me that over his twenty year career as a notorious serial killer Carl killed over 1400 women during the production of his snuff videos and despite all the sadistically torturous foreplay he was known for, when it finally came time for the kill, his preferred method of execution, used in over one thousand of his video’s, was disembowelment. And tonight Carl has agreed to help my research by disemboweling me.

After he locked the restraints around Nora’s wrists Carl forced the oversized ball gag into her mouth than asked if she wanted to know what to expect. Turning her head Nora stared up into Carl’s cold dark eyes, the only part of his face not concealed by his steel mask and slowly nodded.

“Normally I prefer to suspend my victims by their wrists with their ankles stretched out to the sides, not only does this give my audiences a better view of their bodies but it also helps to reduce their ability to struggle during the long hours of torture that eventual culminates in their deaths.”

Pausing to walk around in front of her Carl slipped his left arm around Nora’s back and pulled her close, as she felt the sharp tip of his knife pressing firmly against her skin just below her sternum.

“This is the moment when I usually pause and wait for that delightful look of absolute terror that always seems to appear in a woman’s eyes the moment she realizes she’s about to die. Even with you Nora, an experienced Resort companion, I can still see that look of terror growing in your eyes.”

Carl tightened his grip around Nora’s body as he pushed the razor sharp blade of his knife deep into her belly with a slow steady pressure until he felt the tip of the blade grating against the vertebrae of Nora’s spine.

Despite all his years of experience Carl still smiled beneath his face concealing mask at the sudden look of horror in Nora’s eyes, “I know you so desperately want to scream but you’ve just discovered you can’t. When I pushed the knife into your belly it entered at a slightly upward angle, not high enough to damage your heart or lungs, just high enough to slice through you diaphragm making it impossible for you to scream or for that matter breathe. However in a few seconds breathing is going to be the least of your problems.”

Pulling the knife quickly downward Carl savagely opened Nora’s belly from her sternum to pubic arch of her pelvis, the razor sharp blade slicing effortlessly through her abdominal muscles and internal organs.

Standing there starring up at the cold eyes of her blood soaked killer Nora could already feel herself going into shock as she lost her death grip on the two steel posts and sank down to hang helplessly by her wrists. The painful sensation of that knife cutting her open had been exquisite, all she’d imagined and more. And yet, unexpectedly the pain wasn’t the worst part, the worst was the sickening sensation of bloating as she watched her lower abdomen slowly swelling under the pressure of her knife mutilated insides. Unable to look away Nora watched in growing horror as those first few loops of intestines slipping out of her ruined belly quickly became a nauseating explosion of blood and gore. Nora’s final though as she died, “After I get out of that regeneration tank I need to schedule another session with Carl, and this time a session long enough for him to enjoy a few delightful hours torturing me before disemboweling me again...”