Living the sheltered existence of one of the Resortís professional submissives Catherine didnít realize that her two year contract at the Perilous Resort was complete until they called her in for her exit interview.

While exceeding rare, like Catherine, the occasional professional pleasure and pain submissive still managed to survive to complete her two year commitment at the Resort. Sadly, unlike the Resortís submissive female guests, the extensive and prolonged exposure to the inhibition suppressing drugs used to make the Resortís submissives into the kind of willing pain and pleasure snuff toys that the Resort is renowned for, causeís irreversible changes to their metabolisms making impossible for them to survive without a steady continued exposure to the Resortís secretive drug cocktail. Realizing the public relations nightmare that would ensue, the Resort management took steps to implement a comprehensive retirement plan should any of the Resortís professional submissives, like Catherine, survive her contract.

Catherine hung by her wrists, exhausted. Bound tautly exposed for their manly attentions, the men charged with completing her exit interview had spent the last few hours repeatedly using her for their pleasure, much to Catherineís orgasmic delight. Yet, despite their considerable sexual attentions, Catherine still longed for more. Brought to this place already gagged and blindfolded, the overwhelming reek of freshly spilt blood, only added to her growing sense of erotic frustration. More than anything, Catherine longed for the pain, the brutal caress of the whip, the mind searing agony of the cattle prod, the unrelenting agony of the rack, her long exposure to the Resortís inhibition suppressing drugs making the thought of pleasure without the pain almost seem unnatural. To Catherine, the sound of the saw, when it started was pure unadulterated erotic bliss.

Jason and his co-worker watched in dark amusement as the powerful electric chainsaw ripped upward through Catherineís body spilling her guts into the waiting bucket. Still, it was impressive to watch Catherineís sexy body convulsing erotically around the blade in near orgasmic delight as she died. And while a management special order, to Jason and his coworkers, Catherine was merely meat, just another nameless woman destined for processing in the Resortís kitchen. Of course, in Catherineís case, the video of her final moments, along with her head, preserved for display at the Resortís next board of directors meeting. After all, in the long history of the Resort, Catherine was only the eighth submissive to actually survive long enough to need an exit interview...