Earlier today, Cynthia visited the Resort’s concierge desk, where she made a special request. Upon hearing the details of her request, the guest reservation specialist was more than willing to grant it. Of course, after Cynthia left, he added a few more darkly sadistic additions.

Arriving at the North Tower early this afternoon, I quickly found myself securely bound within one of the tower’s horrifyingly well-equipped torture chambers. Naked except for an extremely uncomfortable pair of thigh-high ballet boots, I was blindfolded and gagged, with foom plugs in my ears, rendering me deaf, mute, and blind, as I helplessly awaited the arrival of my sadistic executioner. Of course, while it was still early afternoon, I didn’t know that my sadistic tormentor wouldn’t be arriving until nine o’clock that evening.

It seemed like I’d been standing there forever. Eight long hours standing in hideously uncomfortable ballet boots, blind and deaf, I’d quickly lost track of time. It wasn’t until hands, grasping my hips, roughly pulled me back toward my executioner. The sudden growing pressure against my anus, my only warning before the bulging tip of his rock-hard cock, brutally impaled my ass. The explosion of mind-searing agony as he drove his cock deep into my guts caused a faint scream to escape despite the massive phallic-shaped gag filling my mouth.

Each powerful thrust of his cock into my ass sent renewed waves of agony coursing through my helplessly bound body. The ease with which he brutally impaled me made it clear that he was honoring my request, using just enough lube to ensure his pleasure while painfully denying mine. The pain was exquisite, far beyond any hope that I could derive any masochistic pleasure from my excruciatingly unpleasant anal violation.

After about ten minutes fucking my ass, I felt his grip on my hips tighten as he climaxed deep inside me, pumping his cum deep into my sexually abused colon. Pausing for a moment to catch his breath, he continued, his cock erect and still painfully deep within my ass as he used me for his pleasure. While not part of my request, I realized that he’d taken one of the Resort’s powerful male enhancement drugs.

I’d heard that some of the Resort’s newest male enhancement drugs enabled a man to maintain his erection for over six hours. When he finally relented and pulled out of my guts, it felt like he’d been abusing me for far longer than that. I’d never felt this used, this violated, this sexually degraded. I also realized that I’d never felt this sexually aroused. I could feel the warm wetness of my arousal coating the insides of my thighs.

While I intentionally hadn’t specified how I should die in my request, I’d assumed my executioner would pick some brutal medieval weapon to end my life. I never considered that he’d choose something as straightforward or as barbaric as a machete.

I screamed into my gag as the sudden thrust of cold hard steel effortlessly slipped into my guts as that machete’s razor-sharp blade ran me through. I cried out as my executioner brutally twisted that blade inside me. Sometimes, the pain is all-consuming, even for a masochistic pain slut, and this was one of those times.

Pulling that blade out of my guts, I thought he was finally finished with me, but I was wrong. He stabbed me six more times with that machete, cruelly twisting that blade within my guts before I finally lost consciousness. My last thought before the darkness came, I needed to visit the Resort’s concierge desk after I finished regeneration and ask them if my brutally sadistic executioner would be interested in doing me again...