“Good evening, I’m Kimberly, a Resort companion, and your host for the tonight’s presentation of the Resort’s newest masochistic must do attraction.”

“Recently, a new instrument of torturous death has appeared in some of the Resort’s more industrial themed torture chambers. Known as the Eviscerator EV-1800, this brutally diabolic device is a fully automatic disembowelment system.”

“As you can see the device is equipped with a fixed length razor-sharp stainless steel blade, mounted on a height-adjustable hydraulic ram, as well as a height and position adjustable tray to catch the dying woman’s entrails after the blade disembowels her.”

“The adjustable tray allows the victim to be positioned for a perfect disembowelment. With the height of the tray aligned with the victim’s crotch, the tray is moved forward or back so that the gutting blade slices cleanly through the woman’s abdomen without causing damage to the vertebrae of her spine.”

“Once the tray is in place, the height of the hydraulic ram is adjusted so that its blade rests slightly above the top of the victim’s pelvis. With the blade in position, the executioner switches on the hydraulic ram, within seconds the green ready light comes on, signaling that the ram has reached full operating pressure. Once the ram is ready, the executioner pulls the activation handle downward, releasing the blade which effortlessly slices through the woman’s guts in less than a tenth of a second.”

“The blade moves so quickly, that the victim’s belly is opened before she can react to the sudden explosion of overwhelming agony, her body instinctively doubling forward onto the hydraulic ram’s blade guide breast hooks, who prevent her from sliding off the Eviscerator and collapsing to the floor, even as her mutilated entrails spill onto the waiting tray.”

“While designed to be used with willing victims, the system also comes with an optional bondage frame, designed to helplessly restrain the occasional and somewhat more unwilling victims for their disembowelment.”

“In a few moments, the executioner will arrive, and after he’s finished tying my wrists behind my back, we’ll be giving tonight’s audience a live, gruesomely unpleasant, demonstration of just how this Eviscerator EV-1800 is actually used...”